Sunday, December 11, 2011

Sophie's Choice - VANESSA OR TATYANA? An Evermore Exceptional Dilemma!

I pretty much had my budget for the the 2011 Convention calculated to the penny. Between, the cost of the flight, room, food and other miscellaneous expenses, I really had no room for mistakes or surprises.
So, when the I walked into the FR2 Luncheon along with all the other WClub members I was glad to have my credit card ready for the amazing doll gracing the center of the table - EXCEPTIONAL TATYANA! And she was....TRULY EXCEPTIONAL!!!

We enjoyed an amazing gourmet lunch when the numbers were called for the right to buy the centerpiece and lucky me, my number was picked! After a great presentation it looked as if I was out of the woods. Then it happened, the most beautiful creature ever was flashed onto the large screens on either side of the stage - EVERMORE VANESSA (on a FR2 Body and using the previous Vanessa facemold). Christ on a cracker!!! What was I gonna do now? I knew that I was a bit shaky on my budget considering I had forgotten to budget in the cost of bringing luggage onto the plane (don't you just hate the extras that you have to pay for now that just a couple of years ago used to come with the price of your airplane ticket? I mean really, would it break the bank to give the people peanuts!?!). So, I had to choose - this incredible Vanessa or this amazing Tatyana? What to do? I harkened back to the final scene of Meryl Streep in Sophie's Choice. Just NOT possible...

So, I gave my winning ticket to another table mate and choose Vanessa. Mainly I made the difficult choice based on the dress, the facemold and the collective "gasp" that came out of the crowd when her picture came up. I also figured I would be able to get the Tatyana at a later date online at a half way decent price (considering I really preferred her nude anyway).

Well, finally my WClub luncheon girls are re-united. I was able to purchase Tatyana from a buyer on ebay that happened to be a friend from the WClub - Valerie (who BTW just finish running a half marathon in a little over 3 hours...GO GIRL!) And, in the really worked out because she really wanted the dress....and I had already picked out what MY Tatyana would be wearing once I got her.

All's well that ends well ;-)
Hope you enjoy the pics and I hope you are all having a happy Sunday!

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