Saturday, December 31, 2011

New Year's Eve - IT'S TIME TO PARTY!!!

This year has been one of great changes in our lives. My partner and I decided that our quality of life was infinitely more important than the carreer hampster wheel that we found ourselves perpetually on. We realized that all the money in the world is not worth the time away from our family, friends and the experiences that we are not able to enjoy due to our work schedules. So, in September we accepted an opportunity in Sarasota and decided to start changing our life!

2012 is going to be OUR year! That's right! For once in our lives we are going to be a little selfish. But, not selfish in a bad way. We mean that we are going to make  living our BEST life (a la Oprah) a priority versus always putting our needs last...which is what we've normally done. Just like on an airplane when they explain to the passengers that they should first put the oxygen masks on themselves before they even attempt to help others with theirs. It is the same concept. We are going to make sure that our emotional and physical needs are met to our personal satisfaction FIRST. This will in turn allow us to have the necessary energy and desire to help others without expecting anything in return. That is our goal.

If the Mayan's are right 12-21-12 will be our last day on Earth. If that is the case, we've got to make sure to take advantage of every oporutnity offered our way. If there is a chance to do something you've never done before....DO IT! If there is a doll that you have lusted after for years but just couldn't justify the secondary market prices....SAVE UP AND GET IT! If there is a choice to get together with friends or spend your Tuesday night doing laundry or cleaning the house....GO OUT WITH YOUR FRIENDS!

As, Auntie Mame once said,"Life's a banquet and most poor suckers are starving to death!" So, this year let's follow the famous Grand Dame's lead, put a big cloth napkin around our necks, dive into the mash potatoes and gravy, drink that extra flute of champange and have the thick piece of chocolate cake at the end. Let's savour life and everything it has to offer in 2012!
xoxo ,
p.s. Oh and if you are vascillating as to whether or not your should join the WClub or go to the FR Convention in Orlando....stop thinking about it....JUST DO IT!

Friday, December 30, 2011

Featuring The Amazing Work & Interview With Designer HUCKLEBERRY JACKSON!

 I've been a fan of Huckleberry Jackson from the moment I came upon his work on Flickr. A true one of a kind artist and designer, one has only to see his work to know that it is designed by him. His eye for design is unique and trend setting. His ability to transform and put his stamp on any doll that he touches is truly genius.
Enjoy this in-depth interview with the designer of the HJ label and enjoy his gorgeous images! 

BF: Do you design clothing for people or just for dolls?
HJ: I haven´t been designing clothing for “humans” in quiet a while now. But, I must admit that I´m missing it. I definitely want to get back to it in 2012.
When I was in design school, I used to make miniature draping prototypes on dolls, because it allowed me to work immediately in 3D and see what a certain shape and silohuette would look like. I don't like drawing out my designs. The flat 2D quality of the renderings felt very restrictive. But, the drapping I do now are far more advanced and complicated than the ones I first started with. 

BF: Do you have classical training in design or are you self-taught?
HJ: Yes, I graduated with a degree in fashion design. But, the technical part (such as sewing techniques and patterning) has been self taught.
While at school, we concentrated mostly on establishing our style and the creative aspects of building a collection. Most of the students in the class could not even sew.

BF: Your attention to detail is amazing. Do you normally design OOAKs or do you sometimes do limited editions?
HJ: I do sometimes limited editions because I know my customers appreciate it, but I prefer making OOAKs only. It allows my imagination and creativity to run free. I also think along the lines of creating an entire collection, versus a singular piece. OOAK gives me the freedom to experiment with style.

BF: Your designs are outstanding and avant garde –very fashion forward. Where does inspiration for your work come from?
HJ: Actually, it all happens during the technical part of making the ensembles. While using different cutting and draping techniques I allow the creativity and inspiration to flow. Also, certain fabrics inspire me to go in certain directions. Most of the time I'm not really sure what direction I'm going in until I start the project. I change my mind a hundred times along the way. The collection really starts to take shape all on it's own and I just follow the thread. I also get alot of my inspiration from Sci-Fi movies and TV shows!

BF: We’ve noticed that you do both Women’s and Men’s designs for dolls. Do you have a preference as to which you design for?
HJ: I prefer designing for women. I never designed for men when I was designing for full scale humans. So far, my aesthetic is completely different for men as it is for women. Working for women is more creative for me and it allows me to go wild on design. Afterall, a doll can wear ANYTHING! Meanwhile the clothing I make for my male dolls is similar to things I would wear myself.

BF: You mostly use Integrity dolls as your models in your fashions. Why are you drawn to them in particular?
HJ: Good question. I love the runway model look they achieve with their dolls. I especially love, love, love the FR2 Collection. Their attitude is perfectly what I'm looking for to wear my designs. I also enjoy designing for larger dolls like Sybarites. The larger scale allows me to make certain design details that are not possible on a smaller doll. Sometimes they can be too theatrical though, and I prefer simpler and stylish look in my models. I also adore cute-factor of the Blythe dolls have, but working for that size head and body combination is daunting to me.

BF: Do you have a favorite muse/model from the Fashion Royalty line?
HJ: That's easy..... Elise Jolie! I also love others like Giselle, Nadja (please IT bring her back on a FR2 body), Agnes, Dasha and Lilith. I would also like to eventually put a different twist on Poppy.

BF: Is your real name Huckleberry Jackson? If not, where did that name come from?
HJ: Of course that's my birthname! LOL! No, it came spontaneously to me. I liked the way the two names sounded together. Huckleberry is very down to Earth and Jackson adds a little sparkle. It's kinda like the idea behind Marilyn Manson, without the whole serial killer thing. LOL!

BF: How can someone order your designs? What price do your designs range?
HJ: My outfits are available through my online shop at my website Customers can also contact me through  huckyjackson(at) The prices vary a lot it all depends on how long it takes to do the sewing, create the patterns, cost of the fabrics and handwork (aka: beading, etc). I gravitate toward quality fabrics and materials and unfortunatly, they can get pretty expensive.

BF: Do you do commissions? If so, is it a collaborative effort or do you submit concepts to your patron?
HJ: I do except comissions from time to time. This summer I took on a few, but it was very difficult for me. I don't feel free to design my own way going down my own path of creativity. Since I don't do sketches it is all in my mind and as I said before, I change my mind constantly. That is hard sometimes for the client to visualize. I prefer to keep my doll line completely OOAK designed exclusively by me. I can compromise when working with human clients, but I'd rather not do that with my dolls. I also prefer NOT to revisit any designs that I've already done. If a client insists, I will try to bring a unique new vision to the piece.In the end thought, I work best when I have complete creative freedom.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Poppy-Palooza....At 6am In The Morning?

The last couple of weeks have been very stressful. For the last 6 years my partner and I have owned our own business and have basically made our schedules up on a daily basis (depending on what we did the night before). If we were at the opening of a club, enjoying a new restaurant or staying until last call at our favorite waterhole, we never really worried about it because the following start of the work day was up to us. Now things are very different. Don't get me wrong, we are very grateful for the opportunity that we are being afforded at My partner and I have always worked better and flourished in team/corporate environments. But, this "being somewhere on time every morning thing" is for the birds! Let's face it, I'm gay and latin - it is not exactly in my DNA to be on time ANYWHERE!

So, being the obsessive compulsive that I am with an annoying "body clock", I now get up every morning, whether I need to or not - at 6am! It takes me exactly 30 minutes to get ready for work in the morning and 3 minutes to drive from home to my office. Now what do I do with that extra hour and a half? Redress Poppy Parker and Darla Daley of course!

I got Sweet Confection Poppy Parker in the mail yesterday and I am of course going to leave her in the perfect outfit that she came in (I just love it...every detail). Since I've already featured her in this blog and I hate to repeat myself (not to mention it seems every picture on Flickr is of her or FR2 Veronique), I decided to redress some of my other girls this morning before the sun came up.

Today I'm featuring FR Workshop Poppy from this year's convention that was lead by the one and only (hysterically funny and talented) Matt Sutton! This particular Poppy has just about worn every outfit in my doll closet (she looks amazing in EVERYTHING), but this Monogram ball gown just seemed to fit her the best today.

This morning, as I dressed her, I also let my mind wander to our vacation plans for early next year. We will be going to Paris and Amsterdam (during Gay Pride...what!). I've never been one to do the whole "Travel Doll" thing. I find it amusing, but knowing me I would probably get drunk and leave my favorite doll in Europe. Nonetheless, I've decided to plan to take a "Travel Doll" with me this year and photograph her all around Paris. It should be fun! Until then, I've composited (via Photoshop) my In The Still Poppy within the halls of Versailles. Can't wait to recreate this picture in person...on location... next year.


Tuesday, December 27, 2011

I Went Shopping In A Swanky New England Shop Today....IN MY MIND!

Well kids, the Holiday are for the most part behind us. Now it is just a matter of returning all those horrible gifts that our relatives had the bad sense to get us and stand in line at return counters for hours just to get a $20 gift card to spend in return at the store. Ugh! Why don't we just all have "doll gift registries" and save them all the time and hassle.

While I was standing in line behind a woman that was insisting that she had not taken her comforter out of the bed in a bag and washed it before returning it...I imagined instead that I was a blond New England matron (someone fabulous like Tippy Hedren) and instead was shopping in a location that no one in their right mind would return something to anyway. The glares from the sales ladies alone would keep you from even trying. So, in my minds eye, I started to imagine all the outfits that my blond FR Monogram Holiday girl would wear. Then it came to me "a smart suit...when in doubt a smart suit always fits the bill"!

I came home after my ordeal at the stores and escaped into my fantasy world of fashion and glamour. Don't you wish that doll designers understood that is what we want from them? All we want is a little fantasy. If we are male doll collectors and don't have an inch of drag queen in us...this is our way of expressing our fabulous female fashion side. If we are lady doll collectors, let's face many of us are a size 0! We want to be taken away to the perfect place that we have created in our minds. It is WHERE our dolls live...and where we LOVE to visit!

So stop giving us pret-a-porte....give a COUTURE! Food for thought....
'till tomorrow kids!

Monday, December 26, 2011

The Day After Christmas Should Be Called De-BOXING Day...

Well, most of my day was spent (like every Christmas week for the last 6 years) putting the finishing touches on the graphics of the magazine that my partner Peter and I produce. While most people are off having wonderful Holiday vacations and enjoying their friends, we normally have to spend the day in the office making sure that we are able to get our publication to the printer in enough time for New Year's Eve. I guess by now we are used to it....but I don't mind telling you that I was a little grumpy all day.

My only saving grace was de-boxing some of the presents that I received yesterday. My FR Monograms were screaming at me from their prison boxes and the first thing I did this morning was free one of them out of the binds that held her and slipped her into something more FABULOUS!

So, the whole day found me doing a little work and taking doll de-boxing breaks during the day until all my work with the magazine was done. When I redressed Envied in her new outfit...I envisioned myself enjoying a day in the park on my way to a lovely late lunch....wishful thinking!

I've sold off many of my Silkstones (sorry Mattel) but I did keep all of their outfits. I find that they work incredibly well on the FR Monograms because to me the dolls feature a "retro" flavor to them that compliments the Silstone outfits and style. I also love that they seem to show off their ensembles better than Silkstones due to their range of pose-ablity. I also love that they are easier to dress due to the handspeak system. Afterall, I have bulky "man"! The funny think is that I was never a real big fan of the Silkstone Barbie (I was bored of the face...they all started to look the same to me) and I wasn't a HUGE fan of the Monograms either (I didn't think the contemporary outfits complimented their classic style). But, put them together and now I LOVE the combination! Go figure! It's like the best of both worlds!

Well, more doll pics and stories to come in the following year! Count down to 2012! I can't wait!


Sunday, December 25, 2011

Hey Darla! Welcome To The 60s...

This morning when I found out I had the new vintage repro Silkstone Francie exclusive from Mattel under the tree and noticed she came with an extra dress, I knew exactly who was going to be modeling it first! Even though I loved the black and white ensemble that she came in, the original Darla Daley (Poppy's best friend) was screaming out for some color! Personally, I think she looks...well...simply darling in this MOD style outfit. Especially since her original headband and stockings worked so well the the new yellow minidress. She looked as if she could have just step off onto Carnaby Street circa 1960 and hung out with Twiggy all afternoon listening to the WHO and the Stones!

Also this year, among many wonderful pieces of clothing, an amazing blinged-out Peugeot watch, a much needed wallet and my favorite cologne by Thierry Muger - I also got an array of dolls from all my favorite manufacturers. 2 Monster High dolls (one which was an OOAK made by my honey...check out my Flickr page to see her - look up Orlando Doll Dork), Gavin from the Moxie Teen series, a Stardoll with a cool Gaga-esque extra outfit, plus three celeb dolls - Rock Hudson, Doris Day and Grace Kelly! Seeing that this blog focuses on IT dolls, I can't help but to mention that Santa also got me the last two girls in 2011's set of Monograms Passionate and Envied from earlier in the year (which I will be promptly redressing tomorrow you'll see them on the blog soon enough I promise). I guess I must have really been a good boy! ;-)

Well, it's been a long day and I'm up to my nipples in carbohydrates and ready to call it an early night!
Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas...and let's all look forward to an amazing 2012!

p.s. Can't wait for next week on Tuesday when Sweet Confection Poppy comes knockin' at my door! I'm counting her as a Christmas gift too! 

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Happy Holidays To All My Doll Family & Friends!

Every year around this time, I start to look back at the year in retrospect and marvel at all the wonderful things that have happened. The older I've become, I've even started to be grateful for the set backs that occur because in the larger tapestry of life, even those help make up the fabric of who we become.

In 2011, my partner and I celebrated 20 year together. We are still very much in love and are great friends that can make each other laugh to boot. We moved to Sarasota into a dream home. Our magazine continues to flourish and is even growing in size during quite possibly one of the hardest recessions our country has seen in decades. We've started new jobs at an incredible company alongside great people that we've come to love and appreciate. We were able to go with all our friends to Italy on dream vacation in April and to the FR convention in October. Our families are peaceful and happy. All my family is healthy, but Peter's dad has had recent health issues due to his liver transplant 4 years ago. We pray that he continues to feel better and enjoy his brood of children and grandchildren for as long as our Lord allows.

As for everything else in our lives that brings us joy like our collectibles, we are blessed to enjoy them like the proverbial cherry on top of the chocolate sunday! We love that it has brought us closer to so many wonderful people that add and enrich our lives in a million different ways!

From our hearts, we wish you a Happy Holiday and a joyous, heathy and prosperous New Year!
All our love,
Frank and Peter

Friday, December 23, 2011

My Recent Miami Adventure & The Ghost of VERSACE!

From the title of this post one would think I was going to tell a tale that is more reminescent of a Scooby Doo cartoon plot than a fabulous long weekend in South Beach Miami. As I've recounted earlier in this blog, I celebrated my birthday last weekend at the fabulous Lords Hotel on Collins Avenue in world famous South Beach. My friend Kimmy and I celebrated together because we are both December babies that normally get screwed out of birthday celebrations due to the holidays. So we took it upon ourselves, considering that it was a special B-day milestone for Kim, to make it as fabulous as ever. And it was!

While we were bar hopping from one location to the next (everything is pretty much walking distance), I could not help remembering my glory days in SoBe during the last 80s and early 90s. It was the era of Versace, Kitty Meow at the Warsaw Ballroom and Naomi Cambell at the News Cafe. It was a really special time in my life. I was young and hung-ry for life!

I attended many parties at Mr. Versace's home (mostly outside in the Italian courtyard, although one time my friend Jace and I went around the velvet ropes keeping you from going inside the house to go into the VIP...again we were young, hispanic, cute with cheek of tan. Who's gonna say NO to that!). I met amazing people there that I was too young and stupid to fully appreciate. I met model IMAN (who scared the shit out of me), Claudia Shiffer (Guess Model...she walked like a horse) and pornstar Jeff Stryker (he's really short) to name a few. I was working at a modeling agency then as their graphics guy (I designed the comp cards, catalogs and occassionally went out on shoots) and life was my oyster! And for some reason, out of youth and a sense of entitlement - I felt as if I belonged. I was a pompass little prick! lol!

It all seemed to come crashing down July 15, 1998. This was the date that Andrew Cunanan murdered Mr. Versace right on the steps outside his mansion (in fact the stain still remains to this day). Many people describe the day that Buddy Holly and Richie Valenz perrished as the day that music died, but on the day that Mr. Versace was slain glamour, fabulousness and all things that were beautiful died with him. I remember it vividly. I cried as I watched the TV coverage of friends Elton John and the late Princess Diana crying in the front row of Gianni's funeral. Never was there a more lavish and beautiful event. It was almost as splendid as one of his party. The only difference was that there was less color worn by the attendants. The only thing missing was Mr.Versace's amazing smile and laughter (it was infectious). On a side note, I have a friend that insisted he slept with Cunanan weeks before he murdered Gianni. He spread that rumor around like as if it was some sort of morbid badge of honor. Personally, I told him it was like boasting you were the one that "got away" from Ted Bundy or Jeffrey Dahmer. Some queens will do anything for attention, but I digress.

I visited the site of his death outside the now closed Versace Mansion and to pay homage to the man and my glamorous youth that he helped define. I left a simple orchid that I swiped off a nearby table cafe in memory of him. When I came home I decided to revamp one of my dolls in honor of Mr. Versace's fabulous style. I used the Miami Glow Veronique and placed her in Barbie Versace's gown (by the way - NOT EASY TO DO). I then decided to try my hand and be bold in trying a new hairstyle in the style of one Mr. Jon Copeland (another designer I admire very much...who will hopefully be kind enough to do an interview for my blog in the near future...HINT HINT! lol!).

So, I hope that you enjoy my little walk down memory lane and Ocean Drive - as a tribute to the one and only GIANNI VERSACE! Long live the Prince of Italian Rock Couture!

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Registration For The 2012 W Club Is NOW OPEN!

Well's that time of year again! No not Chritmas....BUT CLOSE! Membership is now open to anyone that wants to joing the WCLUB! Hooray! This year I will starting memberships for both myself and my partner Peter (in hopes of doubling my chances during lotteries...etc) and so that he will be able to attend the WClub Luncheon at next years convention!

This year the incentive is twice as nice with NOT ONE....but TWO upgrade dolls! First, we are presented with the DIVA Extraordinaire - Natalia Fatale! Wearing an adorable ready to wear outfit perfect for spring. the pattern on the dress is impeccable! And the accessories are to die for! I'm glad also that she will be back with your "latina" skintone. I'm glad to have at least one Diva represent my people in the FR stable of fabulous boys and girls.

Finally, last but by NO MEANS LEAST comes everyone's favorite teen sensation - Poppy Parker! Poppy is truly a breath of fresh air in the new ensemble! She still represents wonderful sophistication of early 60's...while giving a pop of color which hints towards the MOD era! Best of all, Poppy will be showing off her new "side-part" ponytail hairdo! Quelle Cute....with a capital Q!

Hope you all really consider becoming members of this phenomenal club. Membership closes at 10am on January it gives you a little time to recover after Christmas to pay for your memberships! Trust me....IT IS TOTALLY WORTH THE MONEY!

See ya soon!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Alice In Wonderland - Nu Fantasy...What's Next?

I love the NuFantasy Collection. There is not enough whimsy in our lives and this IT collection provides us with loads of it along with a ltttle glamour, as well. From the moment that the first American set of dolls were introduced at the IFDC convention, I was hooked! I knew then and there it was going to be necessary to have them both in the set! Alice reminded me of a sexy Harajuku Gwen Stefani version of the character and the Red Queen used the amazing Tatyana face mold which I adore.
Next came the phenomenal Oz set which, which again debuted at IFDC. They included a set of 3 this time! This one was a winner all the way around. First off, it introduced a new face mold which would eventually be known as Rayna as Dorothy. Then it incorporated the Natalia retired facemold as a steampunk version of the Wicked Witch of the West. A titian redhead Isha was transformed into a seductive Glinda, and finally there came the additional outfit representing the Wizard of Oz him/herself. That costume was inspired by the amazing "Ascot Scene" in My Fair Lady which was then reinterpreted by Madonna in the 90s Girly Show Tour. (When I was finally able to get my hands on this outfit, I knew what I immediately wanted to do with it. Imogen was the only girl that could pull off Madonna's Girly Show. The pencil skirt that originally came with the outfit, although lovely,  had to be replaced by a previous Wu separate quilited skirt that I had been saving for YEARS! See below.)

Earlier this year, we were treated to NuFantasy's version of Snow White and the Evil Queen. They were dubbed Pure and Malicious. Pure was an instant hit! I mean what's not to love - a raven haired Erin with pale skin, ruby red lips and thigh high Louboutin style boots. Malicious, on the other hand, had to grow on collectors. Whether it was her avant guard hair or her Monogram style make up, collector's had to wait to see her in person before they were fully committed to falling under her spell.

I can't wait to see what Fairy Tale IT designers choose to take inspiration from next. If you have any ideas I'd love to hear them in my blog! Hope you enjoy this set of dolls as much as I do....FANTASY WITH A TWIST OF COUTURE! Gotta love it!

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

10 Things I've Learned About My Collection In 2011!

1- My tastes are always changing and even though I try to resist new collections for fear of starting up new obsessions - the heart wants what it wants.

2- I'm not a completist when it comes to my collection. I don't have to own EVERYTHING. I derive enjoyment from the dolls in my FRIENDS collections as well.

3- It's official - I'm not a MIB collector. NO MATTER WHAT IT IS or HOW MUCH IT'S WORTH.

4- The best part about my collection is that I love to restyle my dolls....and make them truly my own.

5- I am a firm believer that there is a perfect doll for every outfit and visa-versa.

6- I really LOVE my male dolls. They are not just accessories to their female counterparts.

7- I can't imagine collecting a doll line anymore without multiple joints and poseability.

8- I totally gonna be out of display space by FR Convention 2012.

9- If you are patient you eventually come across every Holy Grail Doll at a price that is reasonable for you (see Urban Legend Sooki DG)

10- My favorite part of collecting FR Dolls and going to the annual convention is the friends that I've made and how they have reignited my love of fashion dolls!

I'd love to hear what you have learned about your collection in 2012!
Share it with me in the comments section!

Monday, December 19, 2011

The Day I Stalked Holly Golightly

Several years ago in a previous life, I worked at a television station that was an ABC affiliate. WPLG still sits on Biscayne Boulevard in Miami, FL and it was my first job during college which was in my chosen profession of advertising and marketing. I was 19 and worked long hours, but I didn’t mind it because I felt so glamorous working at a TV station.
One of the perks of working at the station was that we not only produced the evening news, but also a morning chat show that frequently interviewed celebrities whenever they were in town promoting their shows or appearances. I met many wonderful celebs while working there, but few could be considered true legends. On a miserable, rainy December afternoon my boss, Karen Vigurs came into the PR offices looking like all the blood had rushed out of her face. She looked me dead in the eyes and said,”I’ve got good new and bad news. Which do you want first?”  I replied,”Hit me with the good, I’ve been feeling like shit today due to the storms so I could use a little pick me up.” She replied,”Tomorrow we are doing a segment on Unicef for the morning show and Audrey Hepburn is going to be coming in for an interview!” We both stood up, grabbed each other’s hands and began to scream and jumped up and down as if someone had just told us we had won the lottery! Audrey Hepburn! Miss Holly Golightly herself! Truman Capote’s heroine from my all time favorite movie Breakfast At Tiffany’s personified. 
“So, what’s the bad news?” I asked inquisitively. She said,”It’s a closed set. “ It was as if she had let all the helium out of my balloon. Here was my chance to meet one of my favorite Hollywood actresses and she was going to be just out of my reach. We weren’t even allowed to stand off camera and listen in on her interview. Damn!

I couldn’t sleep all night long trying to figure out a scheme to get close enough to seeing Audrey in the flesh. That’s when it came to me. No one said we couldn't go up on the rigging where the catwalk above the stage was! Sure it wasn’t necessarily safe. And, so what that only Union workers were allowed up there. THIS WAS AUDREY HEPBURN WE WE TALING ABOUT! It was totally worth the risk.

I came in to work the next morning early to even see if it was possible before I let Karen in on my scathingly brilliant idea. I asked one of the grips how to climb up above the stage where the light was held from. I also asked if it could hold two people. Needless to say, he looked at me a bit oddly, but he said,”It holds hundreds of pounds of lighting, it can definitely hold 2 people.” I told him my plan and he laughed and said that he would leave the upstairs door open for us. Then he secretly confessed to having a crush on Audrey himself. I'm mean really - who doesn't!
I told Karen my plan and she got nervous. After all, she was the head of the department and would be held responsible if we were caught, but after a little convincing she was game for it.
When Miss Hepburn arrived you could feel a buzz in the atmosphere. Everyone was excited to sneak a peek at her. All of our co-workers had their faces pressed up to the windows to see Audrey exit her limo. We ran to take our positions on the catwalk above the stage, There was no time to spare.
We quietly lay on our stomachs while waiting for her to come in. Then all of a sudden the doors to the studio opened quietly and there she was. We both exhaled a long sigh. She was lovely. Older, but still exuding style and class like no one else has ever before or since. We watched her get her mic and battery pack hooked up and watched as she pulled a compact out of her bag and touched up her noise with translucent powder. She tucked the compact under her thigh and sat quietly smiling politely as the assistant was telling her how the interview was to be conducted. She was perfection. Everything a fan would hope she would be.

We sat and listened closely (it was hard to hear what they were saying from a distance) and the whole time watching every move she made trying to record it forever in our mind’s memory bank. Occasionally, Karen and I would look at each other and nervously giggle. I will never forget the experience. But, wait….that wasn’t even the best part.
Once the interview was over, we quietly scurried out and went out the backdoor again to go back to our office when we noticed that Audrey’s limo was pulled around back. We looked at each other. There was no one else around. We decided to wait. About 10 minutes later, she came came out the door along with the rest of her minimal entourage. We watched as she walked to her limo wearing glasses, a headscarf and a short London Fog trench. I could not contain my excitement anymore, I spoke out abruptly,”Miss Hepburn, Miss Hepburn!” She turned and looked up at us wondering where the voices were coming from as she smiled and waved. Then she quickly ducked into her car and drove away into the grey, hazy morning.
Well, you’d think Karen and I had just gotten knighted by the Queen. We could of boasted that WE were the only ones to have a personal interaction with Audrey Hepburn herself! She acknowledged us! Problem was we couldn’t tell anyone at work because we would have definitely gotten fired. But, again, it was worth it. We had our moment with Audrey, how ever brief. It might have been insignificant to her, but it meant the world to us.
Now, years later, Integrity Toys reproduces the lovely likeness of the character that the actress made famous in the classic film Breakfast At Tiffany’s. The detail on these dolls is amazing. Ce'st Magnifique!  I’ve only received “Crazy About Tiffany’s” so far, but if that one is any indication of what the other ones are going to be like, I’m sure to love them all equally. The detail on the dress is perfection. The scale on every aspect of the doll is from the accessories to hair is utterly divine. The packaging is superb as well.
Now everytime I look at her in my collection I remember that magical day when Karen and I had our moment with Miss Hepburn. Thanks IT for doing the actress and the movie justice with your workmanship and quality.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Talk About Color Infusion! Psychedelic Erin & The Lords Hotel In South Beach!

I just got back a couple of hours ago from celebrating my friend Kim's 40th B-day in South Beach at the Lords Hotel in the center of the historic Art Deco District of South Beach. This hotel is amazing and for a while there we actually considered moving in for a summer and enjoying the SoBe lifestyle. Now we try to get down there at least once every other month or for special events.

Before I left I was able to acquire another table doll that had gotten away from me at the 2011 FR Convention - Psychedelic Erin from the Color Infusion Line. I love every detail about this doll...but I especially love the hands that she comes with because they have silver nail polish! Truly the love in the details! She had such a perfect South Beach look to her that once I was done at the Lords I decided to take a picture of the lobby and place my Erin within the pic. She looks right at home - just like all the other young aspiring models that we saw all weekend long walking up and down the streets of South Beach.

I also got to hang with some of my "doll family" (as I like to refer to them) Marly Marl, Daniel Miagany and Yvonne Feliciano! It was like having a fabulous little doll convention reunion!

Well, I'm just making it in under the wire to keep my commitment of doing one post a day for the next year! And I gotta tell's a little harder than I first thought it would be! LOL! But I will press on and hopefully I won't run out of things to there is any chance of that! HA!
Enjoy kids...back to work at A&C tomorrow!

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Rhiana, Beyonce, Rupaul and Lady Gaga...Get A Make-Over!

My friend Daniel Miagany (who we are are visiting with in South Beach this weekend) had me rolling on the floor last night with his crazy comic book style story board of Rhianna, (a very pregnant) Beyonce, Rupaul and Lady Gaga getting a make over! He is soooo creative! A true artist in every since of the word. I found the comic strip, which he used mostly all IT product to produce, so hysterical I had to share it with all of you all!

For more about Daniel and his partner Glenn...check out his blog at

Well, now I'm off to spend a little time with my crazy Cuban family and maybe drop by a couple antique shops at the beach that I love to visit when I'm here. You never know what doll goodies I might find while I'm diggin' around!

More tomorrow kids!
ps Marl is still sleeping...I guess we had one to many Coco Loco shots last night!