Thursday, December 8, 2011

All I Want For Christmas Is....YOU! Holiday Greeting!

Last night my partner Peter and I decided to put up a Christmas tree for the first time in several years. We've had such crazy holidays for the last 6 years due to running our publication that we just never found the time to put one up. But recently we've moved to sunny Sarasota, FL (1.5 hrs away from Orlando) and we have taken on a more relaxed suburban existence. Whew....we must be getting! Therefore, it seemed like a good time to dig into the attic of our new home and pull out our holiday decorations. It took us 3 hours to sort through all our stuff and unravel the garland and Christmas lights and approximately 20 minutes to assemble and decorate the damn thing. I'm dreading the thought of having to take it down anytime soon. I might just decorate it for Valentine's Day and Easter as well. Maybe I'll take it down right before summer. Who knows! lol!

By coincidence, I also received my latest acquisition in the mail on the same day. Another one of the elusive 2011 Workshop DGs. I believe this one is Jett (if I'm wrong please correct me...I'm horrible at remembering the names...sad but true). Well, now I've got 6 out of the 8! Jasper and Sooki are still M.I.A. from the group....but as with my Urban Legend Sooki of years past...I can be patient to wait for these girls  to come my way. It will happen in good time...if it is meant to be!

I decided that it would be appropriate to use her as the model for my first official Christmas card from the blog! She is wearing one of the outfits that were sold at the workshop as well. I saved it for her! Remember...I feel there is a perfect outfit for each doll! I added a couple of accessories to help round out the look...and VIOLA! Winter White Jett is ready to help me decorate my tree (with the magic of photoshop)!

Finally, thanks to all of you that have joined the blog as followers and members! I hope you are enjoying it! It has only really been about 2 weeks and I've gotten so many emails and comments of support. I truly appreciate it and am touched. The activity has been overwhelming....what a cool experience! I love that this has become a way of meeting new friends and keeping in touch with my buddies from around the world. Thank you one and all for the opportunity of sharing my passion with you! I promise to hold true to my mission statement of making this blog a haven for all of us that enjoy the sheer bliss of collecting our Integrity line dolls!

And with that....may you all have a joyous holiday with  your loved ones, family and especially with your DOLLS!

Always! xoxo!
Frank and Peter

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