Sunday, December 25, 2011

Hey Darla! Welcome To The 60s...

This morning when I found out I had the new vintage repro Silkstone Francie exclusive from Mattel under the tree and noticed she came with an extra dress, I knew exactly who was going to be modeling it first! Even though I loved the black and white ensemble that she came in, the original Darla Daley (Poppy's best friend) was screaming out for some color! Personally, I think she looks...well...simply darling in this MOD style outfit. Especially since her original headband and stockings worked so well the the new yellow minidress. She looked as if she could have just step off onto Carnaby Street circa 1960 and hung out with Twiggy all afternoon listening to the WHO and the Stones!

Also this year, among many wonderful pieces of clothing, an amazing blinged-out Peugeot watch, a much needed wallet and my favorite cologne by Thierry Muger - I also got an array of dolls from all my favorite manufacturers. 2 Monster High dolls (one which was an OOAK made by my honey...check out my Flickr page to see her - look up Orlando Doll Dork), Gavin from the Moxie Teen series, a Stardoll with a cool Gaga-esque extra outfit, plus three celeb dolls - Rock Hudson, Doris Day and Grace Kelly! Seeing that this blog focuses on IT dolls, I can't help but to mention that Santa also got me the last two girls in 2011's set of Monograms Passionate and Envied from earlier in the year (which I will be promptly redressing tomorrow you'll see them on the blog soon enough I promise). I guess I must have really been a good boy! ;-)

Well, it's been a long day and I'm up to my nipples in carbohydrates and ready to call it an early night!
Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas...and let's all look forward to an amazing 2012!

p.s. Can't wait for next week on Tuesday when Sweet Confection Poppy comes knockin' at my door! I'm counting her as a Christmas gift too! 

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