Tuesday, December 6, 2011

NEW Spring Kissed & The FR16 Girls!

At this years FR Convention in Chicago they had an amazing museum room. In it they showed many OOAK production models, prototypes for product that would be shipped soon and some upcoming product lines. During the FR Luncheon, the IT designers showed off the new FR16 dolls that would be coming out sometime in early 2012. They also let us know that the WClub upgrade "Spring Kissed" would be on the new FR16 body. Well, up until then, I had not been a huge fan of the AGs. Primarily because of the size and also the price point.

About a week ago, I was picking up some pre-orders at Marlbe.com, when she showed me the new "Spring Kissed" doll that she had ordered with her memberships through the WClub. SHE WAS AMAZING! First of all, the body is to die for. It has better proportions than the AGs and is "tighter" so she holds the poses better. Also, her face mold is just like TJ/Victoire...just larger. Yet, another plus for me! And the price point was down to something I could manage. Also, I kinda preferred the rooted dolls vs. the wigged ones. I like having some wigged dolls, but to tell you the truth...I'M ALL WIGGED OUT!

So, now I had to sramble. I hadn't ordered her and instead only got the upgrade Kyori Rising Sun. I quickly put an email out to our wonderful liason Luanne, who then put me on the waiting list. I was then surprized by an email link to order my very own "Spring Kissed" directly from IT. I was thrilled and grateful that I didn't have to pay a premium on the secondary market.

That then reminded me that I should take a closer look at the ones that were shown "sneak peek" style at the convention. OhMyGAWD! They really are fabulous and their clothing is phonomenal. The makeup is stunning but very neutral (which was the major negative that most people had against the AGs).

So, I'm a convert. I called Brookie at Marlbe.com and put my pre-order in for the FR16. When they become available....I think you should too! They are gonna be a HIT!

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