Tuesday, December 13, 2011


This weekend while celebrating our annual Christmas Secret Santa/Official Buy-Sell-Trade meeting, I was able to purchase from a friend a Tallulah Belle OOAK outfit for my dolls! I’m a huge fan of Tula and I’ve enjoyed her work ever since I was turned onto it by friends.

Tula has been a fashion designer for 12" & 16" dolls since 2005. Originally a vintage Barbie collector, she was soon interested in Silkstone Barbie and then ultimately Fashion Royalty dolls. Upon seeing the many one-of-a-kind designs on eBay, she realized that she could extend her enjoyment of doll collecting by creating her own unique ensembles.

Although she occasionally continues to design and create for 16" dolls, her favorite continues to be the 12" scale. Tula strives to always use the finest fabrics (mainly silk and organic cotton) as she finds that natural fabrics give the nicest drape and fit. All her designs are either fully lined or detailed with finished seams.

Many of her ensembles come complete with perfect to scale accessories like purses, jewelry, gloves and stockings. Every last iota of the look is thought out meticulously.

To visit Tula fabulous website and see her amazing gallery,
visit www.tallulahbelle-rtw.com

Toodles kids!


  1. some really fab pieces, some of them remind me of the old Fashion Avenue Barbie line (when it was still good and grandiose)

  2. I know!!! Her stuff is really great....and soooo well made! Tula has a great sense of style and detail!