Saturday, December 17, 2011

Rhiana, Beyonce, Rupaul and Lady Gaga...Get A Make-Over!

My friend Daniel Miagany (who we are are visiting with in South Beach this weekend) had me rolling on the floor last night with his crazy comic book style story board of Rhianna, (a very pregnant) Beyonce, Rupaul and Lady Gaga getting a make over! He is soooo creative! A true artist in every since of the word. I found the comic strip, which he used mostly all IT product to produce, so hysterical I had to share it with all of you all!

For more about Daniel and his partner Glenn...check out his blog at

Well, now I'm off to spend a little time with my crazy Cuban family and maybe drop by a couple antique shops at the beach that I love to visit when I'm here. You never know what doll goodies I might find while I'm diggin' around!

More tomorrow kids!
ps Marl is still sleeping...I guess we had one to many Coco Loco shots last night!

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