Friday, December 30, 2011

Featuring The Amazing Work & Interview With Designer HUCKLEBERRY JACKSON!

 I've been a fan of Huckleberry Jackson from the moment I came upon his work on Flickr. A true one of a kind artist and designer, one has only to see his work to know that it is designed by him. His eye for design is unique and trend setting. His ability to transform and put his stamp on any doll that he touches is truly genius.
Enjoy this in-depth interview with the designer of the HJ label and enjoy his gorgeous images! 

BF: Do you design clothing for people or just for dolls?
HJ: I haven´t been designing clothing for “humans” in quiet a while now. But, I must admit that I´m missing it. I definitely want to get back to it in 2012.
When I was in design school, I used to make miniature draping prototypes on dolls, because it allowed me to work immediately in 3D and see what a certain shape and silohuette would look like. I don't like drawing out my designs. The flat 2D quality of the renderings felt very restrictive. But, the drapping I do now are far more advanced and complicated than the ones I first started with. 

BF: Do you have classical training in design or are you self-taught?
HJ: Yes, I graduated with a degree in fashion design. But, the technical part (such as sewing techniques and patterning) has been self taught.
While at school, we concentrated mostly on establishing our style and the creative aspects of building a collection. Most of the students in the class could not even sew.

BF: Your attention to detail is amazing. Do you normally design OOAKs or do you sometimes do limited editions?
HJ: I do sometimes limited editions because I know my customers appreciate it, but I prefer making OOAKs only. It allows my imagination and creativity to run free. I also think along the lines of creating an entire collection, versus a singular piece. OOAK gives me the freedom to experiment with style.

BF: Your designs are outstanding and avant garde –very fashion forward. Where does inspiration for your work come from?
HJ: Actually, it all happens during the technical part of making the ensembles. While using different cutting and draping techniques I allow the creativity and inspiration to flow. Also, certain fabrics inspire me to go in certain directions. Most of the time I'm not really sure what direction I'm going in until I start the project. I change my mind a hundred times along the way. The collection really starts to take shape all on it's own and I just follow the thread. I also get alot of my inspiration from Sci-Fi movies and TV shows!

BF: We’ve noticed that you do both Women’s and Men’s designs for dolls. Do you have a preference as to which you design for?
HJ: I prefer designing for women. I never designed for men when I was designing for full scale humans. So far, my aesthetic is completely different for men as it is for women. Working for women is more creative for me and it allows me to go wild on design. Afterall, a doll can wear ANYTHING! Meanwhile the clothing I make for my male dolls is similar to things I would wear myself.

BF: You mostly use Integrity dolls as your models in your fashions. Why are you drawn to them in particular?
HJ: Good question. I love the runway model look they achieve with their dolls. I especially love, love, love the FR2 Collection. Their attitude is perfectly what I'm looking for to wear my designs. I also enjoy designing for larger dolls like Sybarites. The larger scale allows me to make certain design details that are not possible on a smaller doll. Sometimes they can be too theatrical though, and I prefer simpler and stylish look in my models. I also adore cute-factor of the Blythe dolls have, but working for that size head and body combination is daunting to me.

BF: Do you have a favorite muse/model from the Fashion Royalty line?
HJ: That's easy..... Elise Jolie! I also love others like Giselle, Nadja (please IT bring her back on a FR2 body), Agnes, Dasha and Lilith. I would also like to eventually put a different twist on Poppy.

BF: Is your real name Huckleberry Jackson? If not, where did that name come from?
HJ: Of course that's my birthname! LOL! No, it came spontaneously to me. I liked the way the two names sounded together. Huckleberry is very down to Earth and Jackson adds a little sparkle. It's kinda like the idea behind Marilyn Manson, without the whole serial killer thing. LOL!

BF: How can someone order your designs? What price do your designs range?
HJ: My outfits are available through my online shop at my website Customers can also contact me through  huckyjackson(at) The prices vary a lot it all depends on how long it takes to do the sewing, create the patterns, cost of the fabrics and handwork (aka: beading, etc). I gravitate toward quality fabrics and materials and unfortunatly, they can get pretty expensive.

BF: Do you do commissions? If so, is it a collaborative effort or do you submit concepts to your patron?
HJ: I do except comissions from time to time. This summer I took on a few, but it was very difficult for me. I don't feel free to design my own way going down my own path of creativity. Since I don't do sketches it is all in my mind and as I said before, I change my mind constantly. That is hard sometimes for the client to visualize. I prefer to keep my doll line completely OOAK designed exclusively by me. I can compromise when working with human clients, but I'd rather not do that with my dolls. I also prefer NOT to revisit any designs that I've already done. If a client insists, I will try to bring a unique new vision to the piece.In the end thought, I work best when I have complete creative freedom.

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