Tuesday, December 27, 2011

I Went Shopping In A Swanky New England Shop Today....IN MY MIND!

Well kids, the Holiday are for the most part behind us. Now it is just a matter of returning all those horrible gifts that our relatives had the bad sense to get us and stand in line at return counters for hours just to get a $20 gift card to spend in return at the store. Ugh! Why don't we just all have "doll gift registries" and save them all the time and hassle.

While I was standing in line behind a woman that was insisting that she had not taken her comforter out of the bed in a bag and washed it before returning it...I imagined instead that I was a blond New England matron (someone fabulous like Tippy Hedren) and instead was shopping in a location that no one in their right mind would return something to anyway. The glares from the sales ladies alone would keep you from even trying. So, in my minds eye, I started to imagine all the outfits that my blond FR Monogram Holiday girl would wear. Then it came to me "a smart suit...when in doubt a smart suit always fits the bill"!

I came home after my ordeal at the stores and escaped into my fantasy world of fashion and glamour. Don't you wish that doll designers understood that is what we want from them? All we want is a little fantasy. If we are male doll collectors and don't have an inch of drag queen in us...this is our way of expressing our fabulous female fashion side. If we are lady doll collectors, let's face it...how many of us are a size 0! We want to be taken away to the perfect place that we have created in our minds. It is WHERE our dolls live...and where we LOVE to visit!

So stop giving us pret-a-porte....give a COUTURE! Food for thought....
'till tomorrow kids!

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