Monday, December 26, 2011

The Day After Christmas Should Be Called De-BOXING Day...

Well, most of my day was spent (like every Christmas week for the last 6 years) putting the finishing touches on the graphics of the magazine that my partner Peter and I produce. While most people are off having wonderful Holiday vacations and enjoying their friends, we normally have to spend the day in the office making sure that we are able to get our publication to the printer in enough time for New Year's Eve. I guess by now we are used to it....but I don't mind telling you that I was a little grumpy all day.

My only saving grace was de-boxing some of the presents that I received yesterday. My FR Monograms were screaming at me from their prison boxes and the first thing I did this morning was free one of them out of the binds that held her and slipped her into something more FABULOUS!

So, the whole day found me doing a little work and taking doll de-boxing breaks during the day until all my work with the magazine was done. When I redressed Envied in her new outfit...I envisioned myself enjoying a day in the park on my way to a lovely late lunch....wishful thinking!

I've sold off many of my Silkstones (sorry Mattel) but I did keep all of their outfits. I find that they work incredibly well on the FR Monograms because to me the dolls feature a "retro" flavor to them that compliments the Silstone outfits and style. I also love that they seem to show off their ensembles better than Silkstones due to their range of pose-ablity. I also love that they are easier to dress due to the handspeak system. Afterall, I have bulky "man"! The funny think is that I was never a real big fan of the Silkstone Barbie (I was bored of the face...they all started to look the same to me) and I wasn't a HUGE fan of the Monograms either (I didn't think the contemporary outfits complimented their classic style). But, put them together and now I LOVE the combination! Go figure! It's like the best of both worlds!

Well, more doll pics and stories to come in the following year! Count down to 2012! I can't wait!


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