Friday, December 16, 2011

Here's To The Ladies That Lunch....& A Road Trip With Barbie Jesus!

I'm very excited because today I will be on my way down to South Beach in Miami to celebrate my friend Kimmy's B-day at the luxury hotel at the beach - The Lords! I'm not only looking forward to celebrating her b-day and seeing my friends Daniel and Glenn... but I'm also going on a road trip with my friend - Barbie Jesus herself Marl Davidson!
So, in honor of that, I'm putting up a picture of my Favorite Blond FR Ladies! The best part is that they are all recent purchases from friends all around the world through the WClub "buy/sell/trade" page. It is truly awesome. WClub members are a little community that help each other locate the "holy grail" dolls that we all obsess over from time to time.
These Ladies That Lunch came from (left to right) Sandi, Juan (FRJunkie) and Marcy! I love my tanned Workshop Anya (although I love to call her I wasn't able to get her at the convention and I'm lucky that Sandi "de-bumped" her expertly while still leaving the factory curl at the bottom of her hair. Juan knows how much I love Eugenia so when he was ready to let this one go his first call was to me. And last, but not least, the Natalia was a gift from my friend Marcy who sent her as an early b-day/christmas gift. I got the doll for my birthday....and the suit for Christmas! Thanks guys! I've got the best friends in the whole world! And, Lord knows... I do love my Ladies looking smart in a suits!
Well, kids....till tomorrow!
P.S. By the way I'm going to try to interview Marl while I'm in the car! So get ready for a "Oprah and Gayle" style road trip video!

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