Thursday, December 22, 2011

Registration For The 2012 W Club Is NOW OPEN!

Well's that time of year again! No not Chritmas....BUT CLOSE! Membership is now open to anyone that wants to joing the WCLUB! Hooray! This year I will starting memberships for both myself and my partner Peter (in hopes of doubling my chances during lotteries...etc) and so that he will be able to attend the WClub Luncheon at next years convention!

This year the incentive is twice as nice with NOT ONE....but TWO upgrade dolls! First, we are presented with the DIVA Extraordinaire - Natalia Fatale! Wearing an adorable ready to wear outfit perfect for spring. the pattern on the dress is impeccable! And the accessories are to die for! I'm glad also that she will be back with your "latina" skintone. I'm glad to have at least one Diva represent my people in the FR stable of fabulous boys and girls.

Finally, last but by NO MEANS LEAST comes everyone's favorite teen sensation - Poppy Parker! Poppy is truly a breath of fresh air in the new ensemble! She still represents wonderful sophistication of early 60's...while giving a pop of color which hints towards the MOD era! Best of all, Poppy will be showing off her new "side-part" ponytail hairdo! Quelle Cute....with a capital Q!

Hope you all really consider becoming members of this phenomenal club. Membership closes at 10am on January it gives you a little time to recover after Christmas to pay for your memberships! Trust me....IT IS TOTALLY WORTH THE MONEY!

See ya soon!


  1. I got both upgrade dolls last year. Haven't decided if I will get both this year or not. I think those are birds on Natalia's dress print!

  2. I ended up getting both upgrade dolls last year too! And I'm glad that I did! As to the 'little birds"....I can't tell if they are or not...but the dress is still AMAZING! Love pink, black and white pattern!