Monday, September 17, 2012

Carpe Doll Diem or Enjoy The Doll...NOT Their Boxes!

2010 First Workshop Poppy Wearing A Dress Maker Detail Outfit
(doll sold nude with no packaging/dress sold in baggie) - RARE & Super Valuable on Ebay & Other Auction Sites!

I know what you guys are thinking by now,”Has Frank gone Poppy-NUTS or what?” I know that I’ve been a bit “Poppy heavy” in my blog for the last couple of weeks, but the truth is, I’ve been having so much fun with that particular segment of my collection that It just seems that I’ve been head over heels lost in Poppy’s world. Please indulge me….tomorrow I’m expecting a few new girl (Agnes & Erin) and I will probably be as head over heels in love with them as I’ve been with the Pop-ster for the last couple of weeks.

Actually, I started taking inventory of my current dolls room situation in so that I could better anticipate the usual avalanche of dolls that come home with me after the convention. I don’t mind telling you that I’m concerned….hell, I’m down right scared! I keep thinking at any moment I’m going to have a friend turn me into one of the new “Out of Control Collections” reality TV show that start to make me sweat the moment they come on the are.

I decided a while back that I’m not a “box collector”. To me if something is left in the box it is truly not being appreciate. I say,”Carpet Doll Diem!” If you are not going to remove your dolls from their cardboard traps – THEN SELL THEM & BUY SOMETHING THAT YOU ARE GOING TO ENJOY IN THIS LIFETIME!

I love the Integrity Toys has decided to really think about this concept in regards to their merchandising. After all , one cannot really appreciate all the detail that is painfully paid attention to if never you never remove an IT doll from their packaging. Not only that, but to further inspire you to not be a “MIB” collector, they have designed their dolls to be easily removed and replaced into the box after display or play time is over with. Furthermore, their boxes are now pretty much all exactly alike - All DG boxes are differentiated only by the band that is wrapped around the identical glack gloss box. Same goes for Poppy, FR, FR2...etc. Almost none of their packaging has any special illustrations that pertains exclusively to one doll or another in the series.

To further illustrate this point, IT last year created very inexpensive “pastic” sleeve boxes that their table dolls were distributed in. Other dolls were given out strictly in plastic “baggies” and still others (like the Design A Doll DGs) came completely loose and only their clothing came in cardboard backed shrink wrapped packaging. THE VALUE OF THOSE DOLLS ON THE SECONDARY MARKET DOES NOT VARY AT ALL FROM LOOSE TO STILL IN THE BOX/BAGGIE. It is the product itself that is desirable to the collector not the packaging . IT dolls retain their value regardless. It has more to do whether the doll is “Mint & Complete” and the limited number of the production line as to whether or not the doll commands big secondary market value.

So, please, stop obsessing about the “packaging the meat comes in” and “eat the steak already”. You’ll be glad you did! Just like a great meal, a beautiful displayed doll - enjoyed in her 360 degree glory nutures the soul. ;-)

See you in exactly 10 days!!!!



Friday, September 14, 2012

What Ever Happened To GLAMOUR?

Monogram Platinum Wearing Barbie's Hollywood Red Carpet Look. Accesories by IT.
I know that many of us collect dolls for different reasons, but I think that one of the main factors that draws us to Fashion Dolls in general (regardless of the size or manufacturer) is the fact that they represent a fantasy to us that just does seem to exist in our everyday life anymore.

How many times have you asked yourself, ”Why don’t movie stars still dress with style and glamour like they used to in the Golden age of Hollywood?” I think part of the problem is that the paparazzi are constantly following them and destroying the air mystery that used to be incredibly guarded by the studio system for our silver screened heroes and heroines. Now we see Oscar winners coming out of the Quick-E-Mart wearing cut off Daisy Dukes shorts and Uggs (God, I hate those boots…especially when they are worn out of season). Before we used to have to wait for these amazing red carpet movie openings or award shows to see our favorite stars  dripping in jewels by Cartier and couture dresses by the hottest designers. It was an opportunity for the world to watch us shine as the manufactures of dreams. I yearn for those days, and that is why I love my fashion dolls. They are that little dose of Hollywood Glamour that is few and far between these days. Now we have more of a chance of seeing a starlet exiting her car with no panties on or looking like something that cat threw up on a mug-shot. Classy!

So, I get that not all people like to collect retro inspired gowns and prefer modern day contemporary or urban looks. I have a few of those in my collection as well. But, to me nothing seems to shine as brightly or make my heart skip a beat than a vinyl DIVA “dressed to the nines” that is dusted in sparkling perfection. I want stunning silhouettes, gloves, stockings, jewelry, hairdos and make-up on mugs that look “BEAT TO JESUS” and oozing with attitude. Otherwise, what’s the point.

One of the reasons that I’m looking forward to the IT Convention is because they always treat the collectors to some special Sneak Peeks about what will be shown at the following Toy Fair in February. The image is normally flashed onto a screen for a second or two just enough to wet your appetite and keep people speculating for the next couple of months before the full collections are revealed. Gotta love the suspense!

Hopefully, we will see the return of many of the brands that have become so popular in the last couple of years: Poppy Parker (Retro fabulousness), Dynamite Girls (cutting edge modern day style), FR & NU Face (modern day model fabulousness), FR2 (diva-lusciousness), Color Infusion (Street Chic), Hollywood Series (yum…can’t wait to see who is the next star that they interpret), Monogram (WU-WU-WU!) and NU Fantasy (Twisted Fairy Tales with a fashion edge)…the list goes on and on!

I that IT will deliver on the Glamour quotient. They’ve never let me down before. Until then I’ll just have to till my Club exclusive Agnes and Club exclusive Erin are left at my door (scheduled for next Tuesday….hooray!).  I really need to stop watching the clock and calendar….or this “watched pot is never going to boil! “



Thursday, September 13, 2012

2012 IT Convention Here We Come.....ORLANDO or BUST!

I’m really ready for the INTEGRITY CONVENTION!

Normally, my life is so busy with all kinds of craziness that before I blink an eye the IT Convention sneaks up on me. But, this year the anticipation is so great (plus I can totally use the time off) that I’m counting the days like a kid does before Christmas. Hell, I’m looking forward to the IT Con more than Christmas and my birthday rolled into one! And it’s no wonder, IT gives better gifts than my friends and family do (If I get one more shirt from Marshalls…ugh).

First off, for those of you that have never been to a convention or are attending for the first time this year – the IT team never disappoints! There is always something for everyone (regardless of what you collect from their amazing roster of brands). Then there all the great deals that you can come across while doing room shopping. Not to mention, all the old and new friends that you will make in those 3 to 4 days of pure doll insanity!

Personally, I’m looking forward to:

1-      The Design A Doll Workshop – this is always a crowd favorite. And this year is even better because for the first time they are featuring Male dolls! Also, the ability to create your very own one-of-a-kind doll by choosing your favorite doll/model and one of the many outfits that they provide for the them. This year the character are going to be from the Color Infusion Series, so I’m sure the outfits and dolls will be cutting edge!

2-      The Table Dolls – for every event there is a table doll that graces the centerpiece of the table. Outside of the actual Convention souvenir doll and the Convention Collection, the centerpiece dolls are always the most anticipated because they are made in such limited production and always go for insane amounts on the secondary market after the convention.

3-      The IT Direct Sales Room – not only is this the room where they debut the dolls that that are going to be sold as part of the Convention Collection, but last year they also had IT Direct Dolls featuring the amazing Victoire, exclusive shoe packs and specialty outfits and dolls! And, THE GRAB BAGS are always a crowd favorite! You never know what you are going to get…but it is always well worth the gamble. I can’t wait to see the surprises that they have in store for us there!

4-      Workshops – I love attending the workshops!  I love to have the opportunity to learn different styling techniques from people that I admire. Whether it is the IT professionals or guest speakers, I love learning how other people achieve the amazing looks that they create whether it is in hair or make-up. I’ve always loved to share my techniques with others and it makes me happy with other collectors a free and open with their special skills as well. Not to mention, for the last couple of years, IT has supplied attendees with amazing Workshop doll sets that are simply delish…and have in the past been some of my all-time favorites from the stash that you bring home with you.

5-      Finally, the piece de resistance – THE CONENTION DOLL! IT is the only doll company that never leave the crowd disappointed with their finale doll. There is always an amazing “gasp” that occurs when the doll is revealed and everyone’s expectations are always blown out of the water.  I’m sure that this year will be no different ;-)

Finally, I’m contemplating taking a Travel Doll. Normally, I don’t partake in this tradition because I’m very fussy about making sure that my dolls don’t get “mussed –up” in transit. But, considering that this year the convention is in my proverbial backyard….I think I might finally take one of my girls on the road with me! So, what do you guys think….how about the Poppy Parker shown in the picture above? She is ready to go…bags packed and wearing her yummy suit ensemble from year 2010’s Poppy giftset. She’s a top contender as far as I’m concerned.

Putting another “X” on the calendar!
See you all soon!


Monday, September 10, 2012


Recently, my partner Peter and I found an old copy of my sister-in-law Gigi’s wedding to her first husband Ruben Villar.

We found it one night while cleaning out an old tub in the garage that we had long ago forgotten even existed. We put the unmarked tape in our VHS machine (yes, we still have one) just to see what was on it. To our surprise, we realized immediately after the hearing the first few bars of the musical soundtrack that accompanied the images (“Through The Eyes Of Love” the theme from ICE CASTLES by Melissa Manchester...and yes, we are that old) that it was a copy of their nuptials. We watched it that evening in utter shock over the fact that we had a copy of this long lost treasure from their family's archive. I’m not embarrassed to share that we cried like we were two teenage girls through the whole thing.

Now, although many people are known to cry at weddings, our tears  were a combination of both happy and sad feelings. We knew we were blessed to revisit this very special and beautiful time in their lives, but also knew the bittersweet end of this story. Unfortunately, although this particular fairy tale wedding had all the makings of what the phrase “Happily Ever After” is written for, it ended abruptly and solemnly just 3 years after this blissful occasion was captured forever on celluloid. Ruben, Gigi’s first-love and the father to her two little girls (one still in the womb), passed away of Cancer after being diagnosed 3 months prior. It was blow that their family almost didn’t recover from.

Luckily, a couple of days after finding the VHS tape, we were able to get it into the hands of the one person who really needed to own it most – their youngest daughter Christina (the aforementioned in-utero baby). We watched it with her and laughed at all the horrible 80s hair and clothing, marveled at her beautiful mother and father and cried over the unimaginable loss. In the end, she was overjoyed at receiving this gift from above and couldn't wait to share it with her older sister. Now, they could both just pop in a VHS tape and see their father on one of the best days of his short life.

That weekend, I was inspired to redress my FR2 Blond Veronique in my Reem-Acra Barbie Bridal gown. The whole time I was stitching the beautiful dress on to the amazing doll (which bears a striking resemblance to Gigi), scenes from the wedding video flickered in my brain. I was thinking how glad I was that my partner is a pack-rat and can never seem to get rid of anything - even outdated media. For even though the VHS tape is not even worth a dollar today, the memories it holds for the girls are priceless and will be forever cherished by them and their future children.

Now, that moment is also forever immortalized in my collection of miniature memories. I like looking at her and the people that she symbolizes in my life.
To Happy Memories....CHEERS!



Sunday, September 9, 2012

Black and White or Shades of Grey?

Above: Jasper wearing Melissa Windham's Rocky Mountain Mod ensemble with DG Sookie Vest and Breakfast At Tiffany's cigarette holder. Platinum Sookie wearing DG 2011 Design A Doll Workshop outfit with FR riding boots.

     The older I get the more I realize that life is not always black or white, right or wrong. The things that we choose to do with our lives, whether it is the people we fall in love with or the career field we pursue all are an evolution and amalgam of our total life's experience to that point.
Although, things can look a certain way on the outside and we might want to draw conclusions about individuals due to their circumstances, people are not always as easy to read,  as the black and white as copy on the pages of a book. I believe it is our human nature that makes us want to regulate and organize things into tidy little classifications: straight, gay, straight, butch, femme, top, bottom, smart, stupid - you get the point, right?
     I have found that for the majority of my life, I've been a victim of this type of stereotyping from those around me. Friends and family have always taken one look at me and only looked at the superficial. Honestly, most people, no matter how close, really don't want to look any further than that. It takes a lot of work to look past the easy black and white "matter of fact" conclusions that we draw about those around us and instead dive into the messy, murky shades of how "grey" people really are.
     Last night, I held a party of "friends" and as usual new friends, that have never been exposed to my doll collection wanted to see it. I have an averaged sized curio in the living room filled with dolls that are "conversations starters" - full of celebrities, well-known fashion designers and other pop-culture references. Most people that see those really are amused. They chalk it up to,"oh, isn't that funny - the "femme" one collects dolls." Sad truth is, I wish this type of generalization only came from straight friends...but unfortunately even our gay friends are judgmental about my collection. Sure they can spend obscene amounts of money on clothing and clothes with labels on them that they can't really afford or expensive cars that are more a reflection of their phallus size (or lack there of). In their eyes, I'M THE WIERD ONE because I collect fashion dolls that I love and make me happy.
     Maybe if they took a moment to ask me questions about my collection before they judged they would find out: My aunt who passed away several years ago really loved fashion dolls and every time I see one that she would like, I feel compelled to buy it so I can feel closer to her memory. Or maybe my love of dolls comes from the fact that as far back as I could remember, I always wanted to be involved in the world of fashion but was never supported in that endeavor by my parents to follow my passion - and now I feel it is too late in my eyes. Or perhaps, it is just a tiny world of beautiful perfection, that I can retreat into and control when my full-sized life feels like It's spinning out of control. Nope, it is just easier to look with wide judgmental eyes at my full collection and quietly say to themselves,"hmm, that queen's got a screw loose." Oh well, thank God, I stopped caring a long time ago what people thought of me. I'm also grateful for a man that encourages me to express my creativity through my dolls because he sees how much joy it brings to my life.
     I've always loved black and white color stories, like the two Dynamite Girls in this blogs picture. I love the bold contrast and simplicity of it. It's actually kind of soothing to just see two colors predominate. It allows you to feel safe in something that you know and don't have to feel the emotions that come along with other colors. Black and white is basic and easy to understand just like any extreme. I just wish that people understood that between the two there is a myriad of shades of grey in a spectrum that we couldn't even measure if we tried....and that's ok. All we are asked to do is accept they greys - even if we don't understand them.


Saturday, September 8, 2012

The Silver Factory

I've always been a fan of Pop Art.
It has inspired my personal aesthetic. I love bold colors with strong boundaries. One really can't speak of the Pop Art without mentioning the father of the movement  - Andy Warhol.
I was asked once in an interview who would be the five people that I would invite to my first dinner party in Heaven and I said - Marilyn Monroe (cause I think she would be a fabulous fruit fly and a good friend), Rock Hudson (duh HOT), Coco Chanel (fashion icon and I bet would be fun when she was drunk), God (so he could explain the Big Picture) and Andy Warhol (because in my opinion he was a genius before his time).
Andy Warhol portrait by R. Mapplethorpe
Andy became a house hold name during one of the most conservative times in our recent past. I believe he ushered us into a new age. He predicted Reality TV, he started our obsession with Celebrity (see the amazing Interview Magazine) and always knew where the best parties were going to be held  (see Studio 54). But, I think to understand the man you have to see how he lived, how he worked and who HE was inspired by. That's why I think that everyone who is even mildly interested in that period of history should rent the documentary "The Silver Farctory". 
The Silver Factory was the name of Andy Warhol's New York City studio, which had three different locations between 1962 and 1984. The original Factory was on the fifth floor at 231 East 47th Street, in Midtown Manhattan. The rent was only about one hundred dollars a year, but the work that came out of those silver foiled hall decorated with mylar balloon furniture was astronomical and would influence art, fashion, society and culture in general.
Black Francie in Silver Cage Dress
(pic & doll by Matthew Sutton).
I loved this new Poppy Parker outfit called The Happening for many reasons. One, I've always loved the vintage Francie outfit Silver Cage Dress and two, it's name just like my Mag! But the truth is, I've always wanted to be able to have a vintage Black Francie to model that particular fashion in my collection. I've just never found either in a condition (and price) that I acquire. But, now that Darla Daley is on on the scene, I immediately gravitated towards her. Poppy and Darla (to me) are like the happy mid-ground between Mod TNT Barbie and Francie - only infinitely more realistic, pose-able and well-made. I feel that is one of the reasons that my collection has gravitated towards Integrity Toys. Not only am I interested in the fashion but the quality of the production and the artistic value of the collectible. I feel that my IT dolls are works of art - which brings me back full circle to Andy. Andy made common place things like Dolls into ART (can anyone say Tomato Soup Can?) We see things differently in our culture because people like Andy and his peers during that special time in our history. They put a spotlight on the "things" we surround ourselves with everyday and find the beauty in all of it.
Andy relaxing in the main room of the Silver Factory.

FUN FACT: Andy was also a collector. He loved Mamie Cookie Jars, Navaho Rugs and a sundry of other things that went up on auction several years after he died. It took several years to catalog not only all his art that was left in different stages of completion but also all his belongings that had he not been rich and could afford the room to house he would be considered a hoarder by today's standards (only he had good shit!)
Oh well....that's all I've got for today ;-)

Friday, September 7, 2012


I've always been kind of a perfectionist. Even my mom says that I'm a nightmare to work with. It's just that I want everything to be "just so". I tend to look at everything that I do as a reflection of what and how I feel about myself. Whether it is work, a creative project or even something as simple as dinner - I care (sometimes too much) about how it all works out.

When I was much younger this propensity toward perfectionism only allowed me to see the flaws in something that I had created. In fact, if I drew or painted something I would quickly either have to put it away or give it to someone that expressed interest in it...just to get it out of my sight for a while. Otherwise, I would obsess about the flaws and I would not be able to appreciate any of the beauty in it. Crazy? I know. I'm a work in progress. Hey, at least I see that it's a problem that needs to be addressed - I should at the very least get points just for that, right?

To do something "half ass" is just not in my nature. If you take a good look at the dolls in my collection, you will notice that not a hair is out of place. It's kinda my "thing". I love perfectly coifed dolls that are always picture PERFECT. But, sometimes it can be very frustrating. So, I have to be in "the mood" to work on displaying my dolls...otherwise I just drive myself crazy with the tiny details. Someone once said "the love is in the details"....but they also forgot that so is "the devil".

Yesterday, I blogged about not yet owning the PERFECT Victoire to recreate the Revlon's Fire & Ice Campaign from the 50s. What I should have been focusing on was the fact that I have the luxury to own ANY of these dolls at all! I should have been expressing gratitude like my guru Oprah says I should. So, I quickly caught myself and said a little prayer of gratitude for all the blessings I have in life. It became very obvious to me that I was on the "right path" when just that night the Universe sent me a response loud and clear.

When I came home from work, I had the wonderful little "rush" of having a box at my door. When I opened it up, there she was - a little slice of PERFECT. Champs De Elysee Victoire was waiting for me at my door! I rushed in and quickly ripped open the box. She was beautiful and I felt a surge of endorphins hit that part of my brain where my love of dolls resides. It was just lovely. Everything was rose colored, the air was rich with perfume and the life tasted like Champagne. Everything was right in the my world....if only for a few PERFECT moments.

As I began to remove Vicky from the box and affix her delicious accessories to her ensemble, I began to think again of how "bratty" my previous blog earlier that day had been. I further realized that I would not of even had the chance to enjoy this particular doll, had it not been for the generosity of my friends Michael and David, who allowed me to take over the payment for her when I was not lucky enough to win her in the IT Lottery. That's when I got it. My friends, the ones that I'm looking forward to seeing in a couple of weeks, are what makes life (that can sometimes be disappointing and messy) seem better....and for even a moment even PERFECT.

I look forward to seeing my PERFECT group of the song in the musical GREASE says,"We go together!" So, I dedicate this blog to my Jenn, Rich, Ken, Michael, Juan, Elise, Sugey, Jonte, Marti, Yvonne, Quinn, Christina, Pat, Marl, Daniel, Luis, Derron, Amelie, Louise, Rob, David, David and David (they know which ones they are). They are what makes my life seem perfect especially for one special weekend out of every year. Can't wait to see you all and I'm grateful for you all in my life!

ps. If I missed any names above in my extended doll know that I love you! And, although I'm trying to not obsess, I'm still dying for a RAVEN Victoire.....sorry..... I'm NOT PERFECT ;-)

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Fire & Ice - Will She Ever Become A Reality For Me?

Back when I was taking a course in Fashion Illustration in college, I remember falling in love with a Revlon Ad for Fire & Ice Nail polish from the 50s. Later on I found out that it was a very iconic image and that everyone from illustrators to designers have been drawing inspiration from that ad for years. Then, many years later when I started collecting fashion dolls, I saw a OOAK Barbie that was produced by Dick Tashin (that name may sound familiar to you…because he was featured many time in Barbie Bazaar back in the day…and was the designer for the Bandstand Beauty Barbie Convention Doll) that used the Fire & Ice ad as it’s inspiration. The doll went on auction at an event and went for what I considered an astronomical amount way back when. I figured that outside of reproducing it myself I would never have one in my own collection.

Well, low and behold when I visited IDEX in Orlando earlier this year I saw a variation of my fantasy doll’s outfit being re-created by the genius designers at Integrity Toys. One problem – the doll was a blond….and it really needed to be raven haired beauty. Well, there was no questions that I was going to get the dressed doll and do one of my switcheroo routines on her…but what doll would be perfect for her – VICTOIRE!

Later on this year, IT came out with a Raven Victoire! I thought,”The stars are aligning…here is my chance to have this iconic design in my fashion doll collection.” I entered the Lottery (twice under both my membership and Peter’s) and as the fates would have it – wah-wah (trombone), I didn’t win it. Sucked. Really hard.

But, in the meantime I made myself happy by finding a “stand-in” until I get the perfect model for this look. Now you all know what one of my “grail” dolls is going to be at the year’s convention. I WILL NOT REST TILL I FIND HER! This I vow…lol! By the way, for any of you that just want this outfit...but don't want the Monogram that it came in is selling the outfit alone (and for that matter the nude doll as well). She told me that she will be taking them to the convention in a couple of look out for her room number. She always gives collectors a great deal!

Wish me luck on finding my Victoire this year!


P.s. by the way…if anyone out there has a Raven Victoir (she does not have to be mint in package...but I do want the suit too) for sale and wants the doll gods to smile good favor on them for future pursuit….HELPING ME FIND THIS DOLL WOULD BE GOOD KARMA! Lol!

Wednesday, September 5, 2012


When I was in 7th grade at West Miami Junior High school used to let out at 2:30 pm. It took my bus driver exactly 15 minute to get me from the parking lot of that hell-hole called middle school to the safety of my home.

I was always the youngest in class for my entire public school experience. My parents were over-achievers (my mom was a teacher in Cuba and my dad was CPA and computer guru…back when computers took up an entire room) and when they found out from my teachers that I could skip from 1st grade to 3rd due to my high test scores – they were thrilled. Big mistake.

My grades may have been high but my social skills were very low. I wasn’t particularly athletic again boys and girls that were an entire year older than me. And, it only got worse during the middle school years. That’s when everyone starting “developing”….except for me. So, of course, a nerd that liked art, reading and was more comfortable with the gentle girls versus the bratty boys was immediately bullied and labeled a “sissy”. Even before I knew what the word “faggot” meant it was being hurled at me. It was very painful both emotionally and physically, because on top of all the name calling I was always getting beat up as well.

So, when the bell rang to call for the end of the day, I was always ready with my backpack in hand to rush to the doors and into the school bus that would take me home to safety.

Once there my mom would have an “after school” snack waiting for me and I was allowed to watch an hour of TV before I had to start my homework. Back then, there were only 3 changes ABC, CBS and NBC, but if you went to the UBN channels you could see other stations and there was one in particular that I loved because it played all the vintage TV shows from the 50s, 60s and 70s. That’s when I fell in love with Marlo Thomas from the HIT TV show That Gir!l Oh my gawd, I loved her! Her life was just perfect and she dressed just like all my older cousins and sister!

That Girl! was an American sitcom that ran on ABC from 1966 to 1971. It stared Marlo Thomas as the title character, Ann Marie, an aspiring (but only sporadically employed) actress, who moves from her hometown of Brewster, New York to try to make it big in New York City. Ann has to take a number of offbeat "temp" jobs to support herself in between her various auditions and bit parts. Ted Bessell played her boyfriend Donald Hollinger, a writer for Newsview Magazine. To me, they were MY friends (well, them and the Monkeys…that came on right after them).

The era in which That Girl! Took place was one that I longed for. It was just enough in my recent memory as a child that I knew it was possible for life to be that “nice”. She was the perfect combination of quirky and glamorous (kinda like the way that Zoe Deschanel is now).

When Poppy Parker first was introduced by Integrity Toys by designer David Buttry, she was the perfect combination of Marlo, Mary Tyler Moore, Hailey Mills and Barbie! It was an instant winner for me!  It brought back all those great memories of loving the fashion and the innocence of that era.

I’m so happy that I was able to take the iconic That Girl! suit (from the shows intro) produced my Mattel a couple of years back and put it on my favorite teen model of the moment!
Diamonds, Daisies, Snowflakes,
That Girl
Chestnuts, Rainbows, Springtime ...
Is That Girl
She's tinsel on a tree ...
She's everything that every girl should be!

Sable, Popcorn, White Wine,
That Girl
Gingham, Bluebirds, Broadway ...
Is That Girl
She's mine alone, but luckily for you ...
If you find a girl to love,
Only one girl to love,
Then she'll be That Girl too ...
That Girl!

Well, I hope that you enjoyed this little walk down memory lane with me. I’m telling you – this blog is better than therapy!


Tuesday, September 4, 2012

The Mondrian Effect!

This Labor day weekend was just an all around lovefest! First, off I had very special guests making appearances throughout the entire holiday! First, I had the in-laws whom I love very much. They are all very sweet and I enjoy spending time with them. Especially my two nieces Christina and Mari who I have seen grow up into two gorgeous and stylish young women. We are all so proud of them! As if that were not enough, we also had our friend Mr. & Mr. “Dahl” visiting us this weekend. These are two celebrity friends that rarely are able to get away from their home in Orlando for a little R&R! It was wonderful to watch them enjoy Sarasota and all the wonderful new spots that we’ve found to “haunt”. Especially YODER’s (a Mennonite restaurant…that has been featured on the travel channel and is always packed with patrons! Imagine the best home  cooked country kitchen that you’ve ever eaten at….THEN MULTIPLY THAT BY 3!) Additonally, my friends, Jeanette and Rich came over to hang with us to have some Dolly-time! So, of course we all chose to go….(where else?) to Marl’s House!!! There I was able to pick up some of my Poppy’s that were waiting patiently for me! And, I’ve got to say…THEY WERE WORTH THE WAIT!

The new MOD phase that Poppy is going through has to be (by far) my absolute favorite! And, as if celebrating MOD is not enough – the crème de la crème was getting my very own Mondrian dress in my collection. This is a iconic dress that was designed by Yves Saint Laurent in the late 60’s. This dress was a sensation because it truly epitomized the “pop-art” movement that was all the rage back then due to Andy Warhol’s influence.

Later, on in the early 80’s the dress made a short resurgence due to fashion experiencing the usual 20 year homage nod to the 60s. I remember my sister insisting that my mom make her a version of the dress. Back in the day, my mom was a fashion designer and made business suits for ladies. Her company was small but it had big clients like JC Penny’s and different boutiques around the country. I remember my mom finding old “shift” dress patterns looking for the right one to create my sisters Mondrian inspired dress from. She did of course make one small change….she designed the color combo differently (although it was still in the primary family) and constructed the dress out of linen vs. wool like the original. Let’s remember: wool and Miami don’t mix! I can still remember my sister wearing her dress proudly to church. Back then, church was more of a runway for young women in Miami. All the girls, dressed up in my neighborhood in hopes of snagging a good catholic boy.

So, as an homage to my beautiful sister (who remarkably looked a lot like Poppy in her teens) I switched around, Darla’s Color My World to be worn by Poppy’s The Happening (which I’m convinced was named after my magazine….lol!)

I hope that you all will take advantage of buying Darla in this very special and important dress….whether you put it on your favorite Poppy or Vintage TNT doll…it is a must for any fashionista to have in their doll- fashion archive!

Later kids!!!


p.s. please note the inset of the original dress as featured in VOGUE!