Wednesday, June 4, 2014

The Sweetest & Most Unexpected Surprise!

Fierce... I especially love the little dog in the picture on the bottom left hand side!
The HOT Blond in the ad is the PHOTOGRAPHER....NOT the model.
Ironic - huh? That's my friend Kris Reynolds! And to the right is
a sampling of all his amazing photography!
One of Kris' Amazing Shots...featuring Miss Sassy DeVine at our friend
Steven Dorsagno's Salon Split Endz in Orlando!
THE ENTIRE CAST OF HAMBURGER MARY'S Tampa & St. Pete. I was so please to be a part of Kris' team to
bring this now LEGENDARY & EPIC image together!
Approximately 9.5 years ago I met a young man at the legendary Southern Nights bar in Orlando, Florida. He told me that he was a fledgling photographer that admired our magazine and would aspire to work with us one day. I immediately liked him and felt a kindred spirit in him. I saw a lot of "me" in "him". We both commenced a journey then that would bring us both to fore filling our professional dreams. I had always wanted to have a GLBT magazine that was like no other....with Art and Articles versus pages and pages of ephemeral and disposable material. He on the other hand wanted to take beautiful pictures with amazing people all over the world. Well, I'm happy to say we can both living our dreams. I'm so grateful for having Kris Kristofer Reynolds come into my life all those years ago. I've had the pleasure of watching him grow and evolve into a photographer and man that I am very proud of calling my friend.
This week during his month long tour around the country taking pictures of some of the most notable entertainers in our community Kristofer chose to spend a couple of days in our home. It was just like old times. We collaborated on projects and had a great time bringing some of his amazing visions to life.
As a "thank you" for my involvement in his projects, Kris being the very thoughtful and observant man that he is, presented me with this very sweet
present - A Dolce & Gabanna Inspired Fashion Royalty Doll (she is the Barbie Silkstone Fashion Dulcisima on Jemm's friend Minx)! Now, for those of you that do not cannot just go to ToysRUs to purchase this...this is a gift that has to be planned as these dolls are very rare and hard to find! I was overwhelmed as the thank you gift was not necessary. I would do ANYTHING for him...he is FAMILY to me and Peter. 
Kris' work for a local night in Sarasota!
It was so much fun to watch him work
now...he has grown so much as a
photographer. And yes...that's MY Peter
in the shot as the Patron getting the
lapdance. Now that I think of was kinda
quick to volunteer to volunteer for this shot. 

The doll now has a place a honor among my the other Divas in my collection and I will always think of this amazing last couple of days when I look at her.
Thanks Kris for being the kind of artist that understands that nothing worth while is done alone and it is always important to make YOUR team feel appreciated.
I guess we raised you right 

F & P