Friday, July 19, 2013

Hostage To MY Collection

Recently a friend invited me to visit the collection of an individual that was elderly and looking to sell off the majority of her collection. This person had been a librarian and collected all types of antiques (including dolls) for the last 45 years. Unfortunately, this poor lady had lived diabetes and emphysema for many years and had to have one of her legs amputated at the knee. This prognostication involved her having to let go of her autonomy and massive collection, as she was going to have to move in with her daughter and her family so that she could be looked after from now on. 

As we walked through her home, this collection was like walking into King Solomon's Mines. It was 45 year of collecting that really bordered on hoarding. Her daughter explained that her mother had lived that way for years and that it had cost her her marriage. The ladies husband just could not live anymore walking through pathways of doll boxes and any longer and left her 10 years before. Sadly, due to her smoking, age and inability to dust and clean properly the majority of this spectacular collection was hidden under (and I'm not kidding) a quarter inch of dust. One had to wipe away the dust to see through the clear cellophane that the dolls were still incased in. I won't go into the amazing "hard to find" "nrfb" things that she had in her collection because that is really not the topic of this blog. But, suffice to say - IT WAS SPECTACULAR! There were items in her collection that I never knew had existed. 

Finally, I began to talk to the lady who was sadly sitting outside because she no longer could navigate the home from her wheelchair. She began to lament to me that her collection meant the world to her. But, since she she growing older and her family was not interested in her hobby, she had no choice but to sell it to help pay for her medical bills. She expressed how now she wished she had been a bit less obsessive with her collection and had instead traveled more. Ultimately, she expressed the desire to had owned less "things" and instead had more "experiences" so that now she would have memories of those to last her for the rest of her life. 
This experience really affected me. I got a glimpse into my own future. And, although I do have a healthy "travel life" etc. - the only thing that currently separates ME from this lady was the ability to dust, clean and merchandise (display) my collection better. 

So, I've decided that I have to start reevaluating my collection and start letting go of thing that I don't "really" need. Of course, an argument can be made that I don't really need any of it...but the truth is that a lot of my collection makes me "smile" (especially when I'm having a shitty day), but I'm sure there are a few things that I can let go of. Especially, in lieu of all the new merchandise that I.T. has just revealed yesterday...ugh...they are ALL gorgeous! Not to mention the upcoming convention in Los Angeles! 
So, this weekend I will sift through my collection and start to make a "to go" pile that will make it's way onto ebay at some point soon. 
Finally, thanks to all of you that have written me so many nice emails about returning to my blog. I will try to be better about writing on it as much as humanly possible.
Also, I've enclosed a video and some pics of my collection as it stands today...before my next "purge". Hope you enjoy!

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Ru-Tin-Tin or What Becomes Of The Broken Hearted

First off, let me apologize for how long it has taken me to get back on the saddle when it comes to writing on this blog. The end of last year saw me overwhelmed by a whirlwind of Drag Queen on the first Drag Stars At Sea Cruise presented by featuring 40 of the stars from past seasons of RuPaul's Drag Races on Logo TV. Oy was fun and insanity all rolled into one whirlwind week of fabulousness!
With Chad Michaels and Mama Michelle Visage On
2012 The Drag Stars At Sea Cruise.
Watching this season's show has inspired me to re-do some of my Ru Dolls hair dos so I've been working on those for the last couple of weeks and sharing it with my friends on Flickr and Facebook.
The current hairstyle and re-dress that I did of my current Ru (up top) was inspired by may things that has occurred int he last couple of weeks.
Obviously, one has to do with the upcoming release of the OZ movie that is currently playing at the cinema so I wanted to do an homage to that featuring Ru as one of my favorite Wizard of Oz character's - The Tin Man.
My Latest Ru-Do's!
I identify with the Tin Man because he set's out on his quest with Dorothy in the pursuit of a heart. I've had many experience in my life that have cause me to build wall around my heart. Rarely does anyone ever get the opportunity to see (much less get close enough to hurt) the "real ME". For the most part, everyone thinks I'm that funny, brash, superficial, cartoon person that I wear as a mask when I'm in large groups. I hide behind jokes and clever comebacks as a defense mechanism to keep most people at arms length. In the past, once I have let people in too close they have the power to break my heart...and inevitably I find that most people do.
I'm a naturally generous and giving person. I don't expect anything back but friendship and loyalty from the people that I consider close friends. Recently, I've had to learn this lesson once again, and regardless of how old I get the pain of heartbreak hurts as much as it did the first time I ever felt it.
The Theme For The Upcoming F.R. 2013 Convention!
But, this time I learned something, the idea is not to close yourself off and never help others in need is just to be a better judge of who you extend yourself towards and never expect others to pay you back with the same level of kindness, respect and loyalty that you have shown them. Those are intangibles that cannot be measured or quantified. The trick is to not allow situations or others to change the way that you naturally are. I'm going to continue being myself - generous, loving, funny, sweet and open (as much as possible) to others.
As one of my good friends just said to me recently,"when you've been let down by usually says more about them than it does about you." True words.
Well, that's enough sentimental prattling for one onto other news....
I'm happy to report that I've just paid for my first installment for the FR Convention in the L.A. Convention - The Premiere. We are soooooo looking forward to this convention....for many reason.
First....hello....L.A.! Second, I'll get a chance to see all my doll friends again (especially Luis Rickert who recently moved to California for a job at Mattel!) and finally for all the incredible Integrity Toys swag that comes as a part of your convention package. Nobody does a convention like Integrity Toys.
Counting down the days till October 31st!

Friday, January 18, 2013


The Fabulous DOVIMA.
I received the above Veronique doll late last year, but with all the holiday shenanigans going on, I just hadn't had any time for her. She came on a original FR Body (and I'm really not crazy about those because they are so short and uneven in color) so that was the first thing to change. I transplanted her head onto an ITBE body and "viola" instant fashion model! I especially love the smaller bust, long neck and even longer legs! Those bodies have "model proportions" and both knees bend (which I prefer to the stiff Model Muses bodies). They also have a joint in the torso that allows them to hunch forward like Dovima or Sunny Harnett! Now she is one of my favorite in the collections and is sporting a new little "Italian retro bob". So, I thought that she should be featured in an Italian palazzo. Brava!

Soon, I will be getting back to my blog on a regular basis (promise) that my life has calmed down significantly (sharing more about that later).

Till then, enjoy this Divine Blond!