Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Which WITCH Is Which?

You can't imagine how thrilled I was today when I got to my front door and found not one, not two....BUT THREE DOLLS waiting for me to go nuts over tonight!
Today was a pretty rough day. After coming back from several days away for the New Year Eve holiday, I had an avalanche of paperwork to plow threw on my desk. I was not even able to lift my head once from my computer screen long enough to even step out for lunch (thank God for the Peruvian restaurant next to the office that delivers!). So, when I got home tonight I thought to myself,"The Doll Gods heard my prayers and made today worth the stress after all!"

I had been wanting these girls from IFDC now for a while. I already had The Wicked Witch of the West that featured the old Natalia mold, but I really wanted the peaches and cream skinned, titian Lucia that was given at the convention as Glinda The Good Witch. I really wasn't that into her original gown (too pink) so I was hoping to find her nude to redress. Low and behold my friend from Sweden, Mr. David East decided to put his up for "adoption" on Flickr! YES! I'm telling you, that sweet man constantly rekindles my faith in humanity. Because she had a "loose hand" he threw in the other Witch.....FOR FREE! I love this guy...he is sooo considerate and generous. He is a credit to our collector community.

Also, waiting for me was the new FR2 Veronique remix of Mauve Absolue. But, believe it or not, after dressing my two new witches, I was too tired to even debox the Vero! Sad.

Well, that just leaves another doll to feature a future blog about.

Hope you like the girls....I kinda went retro FAB with them. Whatayathink?



  1. Awwww you are so sweet my friend!!:) I am so glad that the dolls arrived safe and sound!!
    And that you are happy with them:)
    Lots of hugs/D

  2. I'm so glad that you like what I did with them...i will treasure them always in my collection because they came from you! xoxo, F