Wednesday, January 11, 2012


Tonight officially kicks off the 2012 Award Season in the U.S. and I thought that after of couple of days of having "deep" conversations on this blog (who knew it would go in that direction), I thought it was time for a little frivolity. What better than frivolous, glamorous, gorgeous FASHION on the red carpet to talk about! This is the time of year that gay men and women look forward to like sportsfans look forward to the Superbowl or NBA Playoffs!

We can't wait to get up close to the TV and all turn into Anna Wintour judging our favorite stars from top to bottom. Even if we ourselves wear t-shirts and jogging pants everyday of the week, we feel that we are qualified to be Entertainment Tonight correspondents for an evening. And I say - WHY NOT! Especially, those of us that are doll collectors! Don't you sometimes hope that when your favorite actress comes on to the red carpet wearing a stunning Dior, Eli Saab or Marchesa fashion that the designers at IT are taking notes and gathering inspiration for their next doll confection!

There are certain people that I look forward to seeing every year on the red carpet because they never let you down. Some are tried and true winners like Jennifer Lopez and a Anne Hathaway. New on the scene of fashionistas and making a splash are Glee's Lea Michelle, The Swan's Mila Kunis and The Help's Emma Stone. I'm sure none of them will disappoint this year either.
What actors and actresses are you looking forward to seeing this year?
Gotta go....People Choice Awards is about to begin!

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