Thursday, January 5, 2012

Eugenie de Montijo OR On A Good Day You Can See Into The Near Future

Today, I woke up and was glad yesterday was over. Of course, at that time I had no idea what atrocities I was going to encounter today (long story...and not very pretty) and I let my mind wander. As I now work with (World'd #1 Gay Travel Agency. Sponsor's of Rupaul's Drag Race), I devoted part of my day to finalizing some of the details for our upcoming trip to Paris and Amsterdam for Gay Pride!

While looking through the websites online for areas of interest, I encountered a portrait of Eugenie de Montijo,  the last Empress consort of the France. I found her serene highness fascinating and beautiful. So, I decided to come home and recreate a portrait using an FR doll. Who better than the queen of the all things FR herself - Veronique (even the name sounds like there should be a title before it)! I immediately decided that the amazing Vero  which was sold as part of the convention package at this year's convention had the best look to be able to pull off wearing a fabulous period gown. Between the FAB bump pompadour and curls and the soft makeup and pale skin, she would make the perfect model for my portrait. I had been keeping Wedgewood Barbie MIB for years now and could never part with her (which for anyone that knows me well understands that is an abomination in my collection...NOTHING STAYS IN THE BOX!). Maybe it was the blue of the gown, the perfection of the scale Wedgewood cameo pin that decorated the triple strand pearl necklace or the tons of embroidery and undergarments...but this outfit could not of been more perfect for Veronique. I also decided to find a picture of her budoir to place her in. Finally, a guilded gold frame finish the faux portrait. Enjoy!

I love all things Royal. I still remember to this day waking up early to watch Princess Diana get married to Prince Charles. I cried like a little girl when I saw her son get married recently to the gorgeous Kate Middleton. I'm really looking forward to seeing Versailles for the first time during my trip to Paris (Hall Of Mirrors...HERE I COME!) and then onto Amsterdam. I'm looking forward to visiting all the Palaces and museums...and OK...we'll enjoy Gay Pride while we are there too (if I see one more Rainbow Flag....sigh). I've also enclosed a copy of our flyer for the trip. It is going to be a great time! Our last trip to Italy was lot's of FUN and I'm sure this one will be too! Hope you consider coming with us!

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