Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Dig Out Your Rupaul Dolls Kids....THE GLAMAZON IS COMING TO TOWN!

As many of you may know, I am very good friends with the one and only Supermodel of the World - RuPaul! We've been sitting on a secret for days now that she along with many other celebrities from LOGO TV are going to be coming to celebrate Sawmill Resorts Anniversary! RU will be performing for the first time in many years in her first scheduled USA concert in our back yard!
Other celebs will include the gorgeous Mike Ruiz - Celebrity Photographer and Drag Race Judge. The hott men of the A-List New York. My good friend Glenn Douglas Packard from VH1's Brooke Knows Best and many other surprises.
So, if you want to get your Integrity RuPaul doll sign, meet the Queen of All Media herself or just hang out and have a good time in Central Florida - NOW WOULD BE THE TIME TO MAKE YOUR RESERVATIONS! Like the Diva herself's your chance so..."Don't F@CK It Up!"



  1. are gonna "goop" if you see her in person! Come down from NYC and party with us! xoxo, F