Monday, January 30, 2012

Luminous Ayumi & IDEX Were Worth Losing Sleep Over! REALLY!

There are few things in life these days that I'm am willing to lose sleep over. Putting myself into a Lunestra induced coma on the weekends is something that I look forward to more than a fat kid want an ice cream sunday! So, when I read in the WClub forum that there was going to be a select number of FR2 Luminous Ayumi FOR SALE on the floor at IDEX 2012, I called up my favorite blond Marl Davidson and said,"We're going to Orlando Lady!" She quickly agreed! It was not only a great opportunity to see some of the early preview dolls from the 2012 IT Collection in person but also it would assure us getting this beautiful exclusive FR2 doll without entering one of the lotteries (which I lose sleep over as
Well kids, she was worth the 1.5 hr. ride and thensome! Not only to see the great dolls but it was also wonderful to see Percy and the lovely Newsum family, along with marketing genius Alain Tremblay and designer extraordinaire David Buttry!
I took  pictures of all the dolls that were being shown...but honestly the ones sent by IT were sooooo much better. THERE IS NO DIFFERENCE BETWEEN THE PRODUCTION PICTURES and what the dolls actually look like in person. In fact, if it is possible, THEY LOOK EVEN BETTER IN PERSON! So, I decided to just share the production pictures that were sent with my feedback on each.

Hanzel & Gretel - Nu Fantasy Collection
These are the run away favorites from the preview. If you have not gotten your pre-order in....GOOD LUCK! They are simply stunning! I can't even begin to compliment the details on these dolls. They have a very edgy S&M inspired look to them. And if I was the witch in this fairy tale....I'd be scared of these two!

Poppy, Chip and Darla!
The next set that made everyones heart beat a little faster was the Poppy Parker set. First off, Chip is as dreamy as we all hoped he would be. A little Ricky Nelson, a pinch of Fabian and a dash of young Elvis! This set is a winner! The Poppy series only keeps getting better with each year! Darla is simply stunning with her new facemold and the shade of satin blue on her dress perfectly compliments her mocha skin. This doll will look perfect on your shelf exactly as she comes....but I'm sure that there is going to be TONS of redress value in her as well. I think she is going to look beautiful in everyting that you try on her. The make up and hair are just PERFECT!

Let it not be said that IT does not listnen to their collector's! We asked for the continued style and glamour started by the Breakfast At Tiffany's collection and we got it the new SABRINA series!. These doll are so sweet, delicious and luscious that you are going to want one of each! The outfits are painstakingly reproduced from the movie. The dress that Sabrina wears "with embroidery and yards of skirt" is amazingly done. She is a winner! Every accessory - from the jewelry to Sabrina's poodle named David is done to sheer exactnes. This set is as sure to be as popular as the Tiffany's set!

FR 16
These girl took over where the Avant Guards left off. But, I think from everything I heard from those ewwing and awwing over them at the show....THEY ARE GOING TO HAVE EVEN MORE CROSS OVER APPEAL! Basically, think FR character and fabuous clothing ONLY BIGGER! Plus, all the details that are done at this scale are even more impressive! This set is sure to be a huge hit with Tyler Wentworth Tonner fans and the like! Saskia, Anais, Elsa and Freja are about to take over....Don't miss out on ordering one of these DIVAS!

Ok...let's save some for later!
I'll share the pics on Poppy Parker 16" and the most beautiful MONOGRAMS to date for the blog tomorrow! Goodnight!


  1. I was so excited by the new collections!!!!! My only problem was showing restraint in the face of the Integrity dolls that are sure to be announced in conjunction with Toy Fair. It's awesome that you got to go, and congrats on Ayumi she's absolutely gorgeous!!!

  2. thanks Laura....I can just imagine what's coming if this is the pre-show! I'm 2012 is my lucky year...not only did I get to o to IDEX but to this years convention in my back yard! Now i will be able to save on airfare, hotel & misc.....which only means one thing....MORE DOLL BUDGET!!! LOL! Hope to see you there! xoxo, F

  3. I didn't won the lottery for Ayumi... I sooo wanted her. :/ Congrats on getting her she is so pretty.

    Nice blog BTW. :)

  4. Thanks for the sweet compliment Jimmy ;-)
    I'm sorry that you didn't win the Lottery....I know that Marl Davidson was able to get more than one. Maybe you should try and contact her at ;-) I hope that you get one soon...she is really beautiful!