Friday, January 6, 2012

Greeting From London & 10 Great Things....

10 Great Things That Happened Today:
1- I woke up and realized it was Friday.
2- I heard that my 2 Poppy Parkers, 4 DGs and 1 Breakfast At Tiffany's Doll are waiting for me at Marly's place ( her I sent you and she'll hook you' shizzle!)
3- The crazy cold snap in Florida is over and we can go back to enjoying our amazing weather.
4- My honey made me breakfast in bed (his version of a homemade Egg McMuffin...yum! Just like McD's without the guilt) and to further "spoil" me made dinner tonight and we watched a great movie together in bed called The Debt with Helen Mirran.
5- Had fun redressing Poppy in Silkstone Francie's new Carnaby Street look (and visa-versa)!
6- Got a late Christmas/Bday present from my sister and parents! The iPhone S4!
7- Got a pretty decent haircut for $15 (including tip)
8- Found a really pretty bedspread on After-Christmas Sale at Bed, Bath and Beyond (plus had a $5 coupon that applied to sale items....SCORE!)
9- Remembered that all the GOOD in my life far outways the BAD...and felt grateful!
10- My friend Louise Barwell from London that I met this year at the FR Convention contacted me yesterday (and today). I'm wishing her fabulous sleepy-time dreams and much love to her and her lovely family! (BTW Louise...this was the light reading I was talking 

This entry into my blog is dedicated to her...and all my wonderful friends!



  1. How fun! You should post pics of the haircut! What a bargain xD

  2. LOL! Hi Salvador! I will make sure to take pics this weekend of my freshly shorn head and put it up for you! ;-)