Wednesday, January 4, 2012


Today I've been kinda blue. I don't know whether it was the weather (which was grey and cold which is uncommon for Sarasota) or because for the past couple of weeks I've been running on fast forward and I'm just running out of steam.

So the first thing I did when I came home from work was go to bed and take a 2 hour nap. Sure, some people say that is the worse thing you can do, but both my mind and body was fried.

As I woke up I kept thinking of my Aria DG Workshop Doll that I'd just recently gotten on eBay. Things were so busy in the last couple of weeks she still was lying naked in my doll room. Sad really. There she was ready to be a ball of sunshine and bring a little joy in my dull-drum day and she was lying there neglected. That's when it came to me - GOLD! Aria is the ultimate California Golden Girl! Why not deck her out in gold. So, I pulled together every loose piece I had in my doll cases and pulled this outfit together.

The jacket is from the DG Workshop at 2010's convention. The dress is Katy Perry's, the jewelry is silkstone left-overs (I think), the brown stockings are custom and the boots are DG. Viola! All That Glitters Isn't Gold Aria! Hmm? After I named her I realized it sounded kinda lack luster....sorta like my day!

Oh well...Enjoy!
ps. Shouldn't those In The City Dolls DG's be out yet? I need a doll fix!
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