Thursday, January 12, 2012

All Work & No Rest Makes You SICK....No Matter What You Do For A Living!

I'm sick and tired! Not in the "throwing up your arms and throwing a tantrum" way but in the literal meaning of the expression. I went to the Doctor yesterday and he put me on the Z-Pac (my first time on it) because he says that I'm suffering from extreme sinusitis and bronchitus. And, he also told me that my blood pressure was high and was going to have to change my current prescription. Well, NO DUH! I've been working like a dog since we landed in Sarasota a couple months ago trying to keep my own business of What's Happening Magazine up to my personal standard while at the same time starting a new position with friends at I don't mind letting you all in on a little secret....I'M EXHASTED! Both mentally and physically, so I guess this was my bodies way of saying,"Whoa Nellie! You need to take a break...NOW!"

Although, alot of people may look at our life and say,"Wow, they must be having soooo much fun... they are so lucky!" (and we are...very grateful), it takes a lot of stamina to do what we do for a living. And let's face it neither Peter or I are in our 20s anymore. Our jobs not only require doing the actual "work" during daytime hours, but then continuing after 5pm with all our business related sociall obligations on top of that. Many times a week we actually forget what day it is...because it seems like our weekends run into our weekends continuously. We are incredibly thankful for the photographers that chronicle our events and take pictures of us while we are out with friends and celebrities. To be honest, if it wasn't for those pictures we wouldn't even remember what we did last month. It all bleeds together and I'm usually so exhausted that I'm sleepwalking through most of it. No one seems to notice. As long as I have a smile on my face and a martini in my hand everyone assumes that all is great with my world. Truth is, 90% of the time I'd rather be home watching something on the SCI FI or Travel Networks with "HAUNTED" in the title.

Sure, hanging out in dressing rooms with dancers, drag-queens and divas can be fun (that by the way is where the show is really taking place...NEVER ON STAGE!) but all those entertainers are VAMPIRES  that get to sleep all day and do the same routine all over again the next night. It was a joke amongst most of our friends that perform to call us up at the office in the late afternoon and say,"Good Morning!"

I've never been able to have the luxury of sleeping in. My internal body clock has me awake at 7:30 am (the latest) no matter what time I go to bed or how exhausted I am. The tasks that are on my plate as they say loom over me in bed and poke at my brain until I wake up and do them. But, I'm learning (the hard way from my old bones) that I better start pacing myself if I want to continue to be well enough to enjoy everything that life has in store for our future.

Ok...enough computer time for one day...I'm going back to my warm bed, drink a hot-toddie and watch Celebrity Ghost Stories. Doesn't that sound AMAZING!
Frank (cough-cough)


  1. You'd better get some rest--you were sick October,and it doesn't sound like you're any better--I was headed in the same direction so between Christmas and New Years I completely vegged with my daughters--actually starting to feel human again!

  2. Thankfully, there were several months between Oct and Jan that I felt well...but the problem with me is I go-go-go...until I hit a brick wall. I'm realizing (a little late that's true) that I just can't live life this way. I've come to value my downtime in which I get to rest as much as the other "fun" things we get to do. "'s a good thing." xoxo, F