Saturday, January 7, 2012

The Green Heather

Ever since last season of Ru's Drag race we've been playing with the whole "Heathers" and "Boogers" categorizing of people thing. Whenever we would go out and people would say "hello" to us, I would reply,"Hi Heather!" if I like them...and just,"Hi...." if for some reason or another that person was not in my good graces. It kept Peter and I laughing and entertained while we would go out for an event that we were watching the clock to get out of.

One night while we were all out having an "early breakfast" (which means you stop by a diner and have scrambled eggs, bacon and hashbrown before you go to bed....and I wonder how I gained some of my weight back...sigh) we decided to assign colors to our friends to best suit their personalities within our little click. Here's how we broke it down:

Al (of fame) is the Black Heather....because she's stealthy, like a ninja.

Chuck (see above) is the Red Heather....because she doesn't mind getting a little blood on her hands.

Peter (my partner) is the Blue Heather....because she is true-blue noble and kind.

Albert (a friend who is a hairdresser) was the Gray Heather (because he was the oldest in our group) but now is the Purple Heather, mostly because he wore a purple shirt one night and looked GREAT in it!

Jeff (Albert's partner and a contractor) is the Yellow Heather...because she can be a little blond sometimes...literally and figuratively.

Lynn (a friend who is very handy with tools) is the Brown Heather....because she doesn't mind getting dirty. Also see "Home Depot Heather"

Dan (a friend who works with us at the travel agency) is the White Heather....because she is so pale and her last name is MILK....REALLY!

Josh (promoter...see Beadle Media) is the Orange Heather...because she spray tans too much. We keep telling him to ask for Kardashian Bronze not Oompa-Loompa Orange!

And finally....
I'm the Green Heather....because I inspire envy and have a gift for making it RAIN (cash).

Finally, we reserved Pink Heather for anyone who is a "new friend" we are trying on to see if they fit in the group. Consider it the novitiate nuns!

Well, I thought I would share with our silly little games we play with each other. Isn't it crazy that even though we are all grown men...there is still alittle of the highschool girl in all of us? LOL!
Enjoy your weekend kids!

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