Tuesday, September 4, 2012

The Mondrian Effect!

This Labor day weekend was just an all around lovefest! First, off I had very special guests making appearances throughout the entire holiday! First, I had the in-laws whom I love very much. They are all very sweet and I enjoy spending time with them. Especially my two nieces Christina and Mari who I have seen grow up into two gorgeous and stylish young women. We are all so proud of them! As if that were not enough, we also had our friend Mr. & Mr. “Dahl” visiting us this weekend. These are two celebrity friends that rarely are able to get away from their home in Orlando for a little R&R! It was wonderful to watch them enjoy Sarasota and all the wonderful new spots that we’ve found to “haunt”. Especially YODER’s (a Mennonite restaurant…that has been featured on the travel channel and is always packed with patrons! Imagine the best home  cooked country kitchen that you’ve ever eaten at….THEN MULTIPLY THAT BY 3!) Additonally, my friends, Jeanette and Rich came over to hang with us to have some Dolly-time! So, of course we all chose to go….(where else?) to Marl’s House!!! There I was able to pick up some of my Poppy’s that were waiting patiently for me! And, I’ve got to say…THEY WERE WORTH THE WAIT!

The new MOD phase that Poppy is going through has to be (by far) my absolute favorite! And, as if celebrating MOD is not enough – the crème de la crème was getting my very own Mondrian dress in my collection. This is a iconic dress that was designed by Yves Saint Laurent in the late 60’s. This dress was a sensation because it truly epitomized the “pop-art” movement that was all the rage back then due to Andy Warhol’s influence.

Later, on in the early 80’s the dress made a short resurgence due to fashion experiencing the usual 20 year homage nod to the 60s. I remember my sister insisting that my mom make her a version of the dress. Back in the day, my mom was a fashion designer and made business suits for ladies. Her company was small but it had big clients like JC Penny’s and different boutiques around the country. I remember my mom finding old “shift” dress patterns looking for the right one to create my sisters Mondrian inspired dress from. She did of course make one small change….she designed the color combo differently (although it was still in the primary family) and constructed the dress out of linen vs. wool like the original. Let’s remember: wool and Miami don’t mix! I can still remember my sister wearing her dress proudly to church. Back then, church was more of a runway for young women in Miami. All the girls, dressed up in my neighborhood in hopes of snagging a good catholic boy.

So, as an homage to my beautiful sister (who remarkably looked a lot like Poppy in her teens) I switched around, Darla’s Color My World to be worn by Poppy’s The Happening (which I’m convinced was named after my magazine….lol!)

I hope that you all will take advantage of buying Darla in this very special and important dress….whether you put it on your favorite Poppy or Vintage TNT doll…it is a must for any fashionista to have in their doll- fashion archive!

Later kids!!!


p.s. please note the inset of the original dress as featured in VOGUE!

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