Friday, September 14, 2012

What Ever Happened To GLAMOUR?

Monogram Platinum Wearing Barbie's Hollywood Red Carpet Look. Accesories by IT.
I know that many of us collect dolls for different reasons, but I think that one of the main factors that draws us to Fashion Dolls in general (regardless of the size or manufacturer) is the fact that they represent a fantasy to us that just does seem to exist in our everyday life anymore.

How many times have you asked yourself, ”Why don’t movie stars still dress with style and glamour like they used to in the Golden age of Hollywood?” I think part of the problem is that the paparazzi are constantly following them and destroying the air mystery that used to be incredibly guarded by the studio system for our silver screened heroes and heroines. Now we see Oscar winners coming out of the Quick-E-Mart wearing cut off Daisy Dukes shorts and Uggs (God, I hate those boots…especially when they are worn out of season). Before we used to have to wait for these amazing red carpet movie openings or award shows to see our favorite stars  dripping in jewels by Cartier and couture dresses by the hottest designers. It was an opportunity for the world to watch us shine as the manufactures of dreams. I yearn for those days, and that is why I love my fashion dolls. They are that little dose of Hollywood Glamour that is few and far between these days. Now we have more of a chance of seeing a starlet exiting her car with no panties on or looking like something that cat threw up on a mug-shot. Classy!

So, I get that not all people like to collect retro inspired gowns and prefer modern day contemporary or urban looks. I have a few of those in my collection as well. But, to me nothing seems to shine as brightly or make my heart skip a beat than a vinyl DIVA “dressed to the nines” that is dusted in sparkling perfection. I want stunning silhouettes, gloves, stockings, jewelry, hairdos and make-up on mugs that look “BEAT TO JESUS” and oozing with attitude. Otherwise, what’s the point.

One of the reasons that I’m looking forward to the IT Convention is because they always treat the collectors to some special Sneak Peeks about what will be shown at the following Toy Fair in February. The image is normally flashed onto a screen for a second or two just enough to wet your appetite and keep people speculating for the next couple of months before the full collections are revealed. Gotta love the suspense!

Hopefully, we will see the return of many of the brands that have become so popular in the last couple of years: Poppy Parker (Retro fabulousness), Dynamite Girls (cutting edge modern day style), FR & NU Face (modern day model fabulousness), FR2 (diva-lusciousness), Color Infusion (Street Chic), Hollywood Series (yum…can’t wait to see who is the next star that they interpret), Monogram (WU-WU-WU!) and NU Fantasy (Twisted Fairy Tales with a fashion edge)…the list goes on and on!

I that IT will deliver on the Glamour quotient. They’ve never let me down before. Until then I’ll just have to till my Club exclusive Agnes and Club exclusive Erin are left at my door (scheduled for next Tuesday….hooray!).  I really need to stop watching the clock and calendar….or this “watched pot is never going to boil! “



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