Thursday, August 30, 2012

Poppy Teen Dream....worked her way into my heart...and my overstuffed shelves!

I hate to sound like a size queen…but lately….I LOVE 16”…dolls that is! Lol! I originally saw the prototype of Teen Dream Poppy at the IDEX convention in Orlando at the beginning of 2012, and honestly I’ve been such a fan of  Poppy Parker since her inception that I just decided to pre-order them. Then when the onslaught of dolls came in the last couple of weeks alongside all the IT Club exclusive and Convention Workshop dolls – I must admit I got a little buyer’s remorse and thought I was going to have to draw the line somewhere. Well, kiddies…I was going to resell my PP Teen Dreams then I remember that I had a whole wardrobe of Mod clothing for 16” dolls that originally were designed for the Somers & Fields collection. So, I thought to myself, “What the hell! The worse that could happen is that I sell the doll MIB or separate from the outfit on eBay…No harm…No fowl.” Well, Integrity got me again! Once you play with the doll and see how incredible she looks in Daisy and Willows clothes (I’m so glad I kept those) – I WAS IN LOVE!

Even though I must admit, I will always prefer the “displayability” factor of the 12” dolls, you just can’t deny that the 16” dolls allows company like IT to be able to do more detail and better accessories due to the scale. So, for now, I will keep them and have fun mixing and matching their looks with those of girls their size. I think I still have some Tonner & Gene stuff somewhere! Ugh, here we go…..


Ps. See you at 2012 FR Convention….. less than a month away!!!!


  1. Gosh she looks amazing! You are the worse enabler ever!

  2. I! i'm sorry! lol! I was not planning on keeping her until I saw how amazing she looked in all the other 16" clothing that I already had in my collection! ;-)