Monday, September 17, 2012

Carpe Doll Diem or Enjoy The Doll...NOT Their Boxes!

2010 First Workshop Poppy Wearing A Dress Maker Detail Outfit
(doll sold nude with no packaging/dress sold in baggie) - RARE & Super Valuable on Ebay & Other Auction Sites!

I know what you guys are thinking by now,”Has Frank gone Poppy-NUTS or what?” I know that I’ve been a bit “Poppy heavy” in my blog for the last couple of weeks, but the truth is, I’ve been having so much fun with that particular segment of my collection that It just seems that I’ve been head over heels lost in Poppy’s world. Please indulge me….tomorrow I’m expecting a few new girl (Agnes & Erin) and I will probably be as head over heels in love with them as I’ve been with the Pop-ster for the last couple of weeks.

Actually, I started taking inventory of my current dolls room situation in so that I could better anticipate the usual avalanche of dolls that come home with me after the convention. I don’t mind telling you that I’m concerned….hell, I’m down right scared! I keep thinking at any moment I’m going to have a friend turn me into one of the new “Out of Control Collections” reality TV show that start to make me sweat the moment they come on the are.

I decided a while back that I’m not a “box collector”. To me if something is left in the box it is truly not being appreciate. I say,”Carpet Doll Diem!” If you are not going to remove your dolls from their cardboard traps – THEN SELL THEM & BUY SOMETHING THAT YOU ARE GOING TO ENJOY IN THIS LIFETIME!

I love the Integrity Toys has decided to really think about this concept in regards to their merchandising. After all , one cannot really appreciate all the detail that is painfully paid attention to if never you never remove an IT doll from their packaging. Not only that, but to further inspire you to not be a “MIB” collector, they have designed their dolls to be easily removed and replaced into the box after display or play time is over with. Furthermore, their boxes are now pretty much all exactly alike - All DG boxes are differentiated only by the band that is wrapped around the identical glack gloss box. Same goes for Poppy, FR, FR2...etc. Almost none of their packaging has any special illustrations that pertains exclusively to one doll or another in the series.

To further illustrate this point, IT last year created very inexpensive “pastic” sleeve boxes that their table dolls were distributed in. Other dolls were given out strictly in plastic “baggies” and still others (like the Design A Doll DGs) came completely loose and only their clothing came in cardboard backed shrink wrapped packaging. THE VALUE OF THOSE DOLLS ON THE SECONDARY MARKET DOES NOT VARY AT ALL FROM LOOSE TO STILL IN THE BOX/BAGGIE. It is the product itself that is desirable to the collector not the packaging . IT dolls retain their value regardless. It has more to do whether the doll is “Mint & Complete” and the limited number of the production line as to whether or not the doll commands big secondary market value.

So, please, stop obsessing about the “packaging the meat comes in” and “eat the steak already”. You’ll be glad you did! Just like a great meal, a beautiful displayed doll - enjoyed in her 360 degree glory nutures the soul. ;-)

See you in exactly 10 days!!!!



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