Monday, October 8, 2012

2012 FR Tropicalia Convention...Highlights!

My wonder Lana that I was missing from my collection that I bought during room shopping from
AMC & Outfit from Rob's Doll!

Ok….I’m finally recovered enough (barely) from my back to back weekends in Orlando. First for the fabulous Tropicalia Convention and second for Come Out With PRIDE (Orlando’s Pride parade). I don’t mind telling you that I look as attractive as one of the walking dead right now…but I’m still enjoying the afterglow of the wonderful time that I had with all my friends at the FR Convention in Orlando.

First let’s start with the Dolls – FIERCE. The convention collection (although not a “total home” run for everyone) was one of my personal favorites. I love resort wear and the Prada influence was noticeable to those of us that follow fashion as was the nod to the true Tropicalia Movement on the runways. It was very on  point! I of course had my favorites but could not resist getting them all….including the extra workshop dolls and the Fashion Style Lab featuring the Color Infusion fashion and dolls (this was one of the best part of the whole convention for me).
I loved volunteering this year in another capacity. This year instead of teaching a class, I was hands on in the Style Lab doing hairdos for collectors. I’ve never done so many upswept ponytails and curls, side swiping bangs or stylish buns in my life! But, although my fingers were pricked to death and are still a bit blistered, I enjoyed getting one to one time with many of the collectors face to face!
This year I also hosted a table of all my friends once again. I was a great time….as always! Many lovely table gifts were given out especially by Marl Davidson ( and of course as a host I could not disappoint without having my now traditional paper dolls to give out. This year’s Muse was none other than Ms. Victoire Roux! I’m glad that I was able to get those done and printed just in time for the convention.
The Workshop Veronique With An Outfit Given By
A New Friend Starla From Sound Advice! Love Her!
And the piece de resistance….THE table dolls…..OMG! Could they have been any more beautiful….gowns for days! And, for those of you complaining about not have any gowns in the collection…did you forget Agnes Force of Nature, Dasha in that luscious polka-dot dress from the FR2 luncheon, The Eugenia from the last night and the Amazing  Vannessa 3.0 doll/dress that we got on the first and last night. I thought there was something for everyone!

Other highlights of the weekend:

*Hanging at the beautiful resort/Jacuzzi with all the boys for our “water kiki” at midnight!

*Daniel Miagany, Juan and Marti in gorgeous Kardashian style dresses….you had to be there to believe it! LIVE!

*Going out with all the boys to Phouse and showing them the otherside of Orlando!

*To my husband Peter for letting me go absolutely bat-shit nuts buying whatever my heart desired…even though it was HIS birthday weekend!

*Enjoying getting to know Randall Craig….”YOU’RE RANDALL CRAIG? Lol”

*Doing tons of room shopping…which I never get to do (when I have workshop schedules!) Might have gone a bit overboard actually on the shopping…but no remorse here! I was also thinking that it was utterly brilliant that IT put all the vendors that were doing room shopping on the 5th floor! That made everything so much simpler and fun….because we all kept running into each vs. having to Text message each other from floor to floor when we would find something that we liked or knew that a friend needed! It was FABULOUS! I found all my “grail dolls” except for ONE – Jenn FL….you know which one that is! Lol!
Beutiful Tim Gunn Outfit Being Modeled By A
Gorgeous Eugenia That I Bought in Randal's Room.
Also, The Background Are The Rooms At The
Grand Cypress HYATT RESORT!

Finally, let’s hear it for the IT team:

*Alain for always outdoing himself!

*Carol Roth for being charming no matter how miserable she was from her cold ;-)

*To Vaughn for always keeping us up to our eyeball in gorgeousness!

*To Chris S. for being so much fun to talk and hang out with ....and for VICTOIRE! Miss Showstopper herself!

*To David for always keeping a positive attitude and the rest of us having fun…no matter how exhausted he is! ;-)

*To Jason Wu for never letting us forget how much he appreciates our support of him…in all his ventures.

*To the Newsum Family for working as hard as they do to make sure that we all have the best vacation every year! They are one of the sweetest family’s you can possibly have the pleasure of getting to know and I hope that they know how much we appreciate them and all they do on our behalf.

Well kids…as I slowly start unpacking my girls and boys….I will start share them with you!



p.s. here are the Victoire Papaper dolls I gave out as gifts at my table ;-)


  1. OMG so much fun, and yes we were giving you Kardashian realness on Friday, lol. I loved so many of the dolls, and i'm loving the color infusion doll i kept (and the fact that they can easily stand on their own. I had so much fun with you guys, and that midnight jacuzzi kiki was hilarious (where was the alcohol & nudity i was promised?!?!?) lol. Can't wait to see what next year brings in Cali...

  2. I had such a wonderful time with you guys as well. As for the alcohol and just missed it ;-) lol!
    Looking forward to next year in Cali myself! Remember that is Daniel's hometown so he will have to be the tour guide! oxoxoxo, F