Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Of All My FR Dolls, Eugenia Speaks To Me....

2011 Helper Doll Point Of Departure Eugenia In Agnes' Truly Madly Deeply Chartreuse Gown.

Until recently, I had never really read the bios on the Integrity FR dolls. I thought it was “cute and creative” that they all had a back story, but I never had the time or interest to delve much further than that. To me, their names were just a way to differentiate the face molds. Until, I recently read the “bio” for Eugenia Perrin Frost, who happens to be my personal favorite. I don’t know why exactly. Something about her “personality” as expressed in her facial screening and mold has always “spoken” to me. Perhaps it was her pouty and bored expression with the hint of disdain that attracted me to her (although, Agnes still remains the Queen of devastatingly-drop-dead-droll-DIVAS). Now, I’m hooked on the soap-opera like backstory of the characters. And, it adds so much more dimension to the collectible line. How scandalous! It is better than Dallas, Dynasty and a Univision Spanish novella all rolled into one! Beautiful bitches pitted in a femme cat-fight while wearing gorgeous gowns and couture!

So, that then leads to the question – “What character do you identify with in the FR Cast of Characters?” I’m dying to know. Are you a virtuous victim like our Veronique (who by the way needs to start sharpening her claws and get a fresh coat of “Jungle Red” painted on them)? Or a conniving, straight up she-devil like Natalia Fatale (gurl, who knew?).

My friends and I are always re-casting movies. Like for example in the cast of Sex in the City, I’m always Samantha. In Steel Magnolias, I’m perpetually Clarisse (the original by Olympia Dukakis not that mess by Queen Latifah…although I must confess…I did shed a tear….I’M HUMAN!). In the cast of Golden Girls, I’m a Dorothy. I guess my friends are trying to tell me that I’m a “loveable, truth-telling, smart-ass”, as all those characters seem that share that common thread. I think Eugenia falls into that category as well (or she will in a few years when life’s hard knocks teaches her lessons the hard way). She reminds me of a more fearless yet na├»ve version of myself. Perhaps that is why I have always gravitated towards her.

It seems that every year at the FR Convention, someone asks Jason Wu who his “favorite” character or muse is. Of course, that is like Sophie’s Choice but for the last couple of years he’s answered that questions sheepishly by saying Agnes Von Weiss (who I understand is Alain’s alter ego…which totally makes sense because we only see her at special occasions like the convention once a year….not unlike Alain…lol). Maybe Jason also identifies with Agnes’ persona deep down inside. I see him more as a Vanessa though – a good girl with a rebellious streak. Of course, I’m sure his close friends could let us know which character Mr. Wu would be cast as in Fashion Royalty: The Movie! (Please….could you imagine…we would all  collectively DIE!)

So, now I turn the question on to you….my friends:

1-      Which character do you identify with in the FR Cast?


2-       What actress or model do you think would be the perfect FR DIVA in Fashion Royalty: The Movie?


You all know my answer for question one – Eugenia.

My quick answer for question two…just off the top of my head:

Veronique: Emma Stone (it’s the eyes….)

Vanessa:  Bonnie Wright (from Harry Potter films)

Agnes: Angelina Jolie (duh…who else?)

Natalia: Nina Dobrev (from Vampire Diaries…I think she could play a young fiery Latina…of course if we wanted to cast her older there is always Sofia Vergara…although in FR Land she would be a Plus model….hey…there’s an idea!)

Eugenia: Emma Watson (I’ve had my eye on Hermoine…and so should you)

Luchia: Selena Gomez (mostly cause of the shape of her face)

Erin: Jennifer Lawrence (really loved her in Xmen First Class as Mystique)

Collette: Vanessa Hudgens (she can tan well…and let’s just face it the girl is gorgeous)

Eden/Lilith: Anna Sofia Robb (set to play the new Carrie Bradshaw)


That’s the best I can do on short notice…of course there are still so many characters to cast. I mean there are still the boys (someone…anybody would have to be Chris Helmsworth!).

Looking forward to reading your ideas!


Frank (Miss Frost…if you are nasty!)


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