Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Color Me Style Lab

Couldn’t we all use a little more color in our lives? I wish I was bolder with color. I’m always attracted to it, but when I see something hanging on the rack in the store, I can’t help to gravitate towards the darker tones (although I do occasional dabble in jewel tones…they look good on me too). Yellow, Magenta, Bright Green, Cyan – you’d think as an artist I would be all over them but when it comes to my own wardrobe I hear a little voice in the back of my head that says,”Black is slimming.”

Well – SCREW THAT! Thank God for this year’s Color Infusion Style Lab at the 2012 FR Convention in Orlando. The wardrobe for these dolls were simply resplendent with color! The dolls were too! Every shade of the human rainbow. But, I think we can all agree that the boys stole the show! First, there was the amazing Auden-ish young man with the platinum hair, the handsome Latino with the five o’clock shadow, the boyishly sexy ginger stunner, and the dark, mysterious long locked Adonis with the St. Tropez tan. The guys came with two different outfits to choose from. They both came with so many pieces that it was easy to interchange them with one another and come up with endless combinations. I immediately wanted to see what the other boys in the set were were going to look like in the outfit other than the one they were featured in the promo shots. So, I mixed and matched my little heart out and came up with the ones that were perfect for me.

I wanted to thank Integrity for keeping the build a doll workshop (although I could of lived with a few less choices in dolls and more outfits to dress them in….I can never decide which one’s I want so I end up getting all of them and then can let them go once I own them….I know, they probably make a pill for my condition). This section of the convention is always one of my favorites because it allows for interactive play with your dolls. I feel almost like IT give us a hand at designing the “perfect” doll for ourselves at these workshops.

This year I got the opportunity to help the individual’s doing the workshop to get the hairstyle of their dreams done for their new dolls. I’ve never rolled so many upswept dos, pulled back that many swirl  ponytails or pinned in chignons IN MY LIFE!  It was very fun! And my favorite part was that I was able to have one on one time with many new and old faces from my hair workshop classes from last year. What a delight it was to see them walk away with a doll sporting the hair style of their dreams for her.

My girls will probably end up with simple ponytails for “factory hair”. I mean really – how can you improve on IT perfection! And after all, you know what they say, “Cobbler’s kids have no shoes.”



PSP: and by the way.....these kids need BIG SHOES!
Fun Fact: I found out that Mattel’s Monster High shoes and Starr Barbie Shoes fit’s them perfectly. And, the new Jem Collection shares the body (and shoes) with these great dolls!

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