Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Looney Over Lonnie Lawrence

How can you NOT be utterly in love with Lonnie Lawrence?

Poppy’s new friend is the cat’s pajamas! How many dolls are so popular and likeable that in less than four years they get a cute boyfriend, a girlfriend that is Motown up and coming Diva and now finally an actress fresh off the Broadway stage. It’s like your best friends are a young Diana Ross and Barbara Streisand! Really, to have lived in those times when young people where taking the world by storm and the youth culture was prevalent in every aspect of popular culture and the media, must have been absolutely exhilarating.  

Not only do I see endless possibilities in the lives of Poppy, Darla, Chip (which by the way…maybe a new boyfriend should be introduced soon or a cat fight  might break out between these gals fighting over the only man in THIER world) and Lonnie. I’m especially excited by the direction that they seem to be taking Poppy next year – the 1964 World’s Fair! That was such a spectacular time in American history! At that point in time, we were starting to see the world as a huge planet yet through television the different cultures of the planet were becoming incredibly influential to us – not only in the food we ate and the fashion we wore, but more importantly in our philosophies. It will be very cool for us to revisit that time through the eye of Poppy and the gang.

All of this, of course leading up to the Woodstock era. That should be fun to see how the IT designers interpret flower power, hair-flowing, peace-loving hippies. Personally, it has never really been one of my favorite eras in fashion. I mean really, there is just so much tie-dye and leather fringed vests that you can take (although, Darla in a Christie Love style Afro and a dashiki…I CAN’T WAIT FOR THAT! Shades of MOD SQUAD…Google it)….but I’m glad that will not be coming for a while and we can continue living it the wonderful world of innocence that Poppy is currently exploring.

But, I digress - back to Lonnie Lawrence! When we finally received her as the table gift during the Poppy Luncheon…I was literally jumping up and down in my seat. That alongside what I now refer to as my Anne Margaret Poppy (the workshop version), I could not wait to get them home and try some of my early 60s vintage inspired clothing on them. The particular outfit that Lonnie is currently wearing (above in my picture) is the one that came with the amazing build-a-doll Point of Departure Eurgenia last year. I’m so glad that I kept it even though at first I was indifferent towards the outfit. Just goes to show there is always a perfect doll for each outfit. I love the new face molds and characters…it is always so cool and they really do offer dimension to the world of the main character.

 I can’t wait to see what the IT designers will do with Lonnie in the future. What plays will she star in? What hair colors and styles will she be featured in next? It just opens up a whole new world of options to explore during that tumultuous  and exciting time.

My advice….GET HER NOW! You will be kicking yourself once she becomes a HUGE star…afterall….this is her FIRST APPEARANCE! Let’s welcome her with open arms.



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