Friday, October 19, 2012

If You Don't Like Something....CHANGE IT!

2012 Titian Workshop Veronique Wearing Altered 2012 Tropicalia Convention Dress.

     Ok....I'm kinda in a mood today. I'm sick of the whinny, ungrateful nature that seems be the order of the day when it comes to our society in general.

     Case in point, this years FR Convention Doll. By now, everyone has heard, criticized or gossiped about the mix up between this years Build-A-Doll and the Convention doll at the Tropicalia Convention. Here are my two cents. First off,  WHAT OTHER COMPANY GIVES YOU A DOLL, SWAG & ACCESSORIES AT EVERY SCHEDULED EVENT....ON TOP OF THE TWO (COUNT THEM) 2 CONVENTION DOLLS. Whether one was the "Build-A-Doll" and the other the Official Convention Doll - WHO CARES! WE GOT TO TAKE THEM BOTH and got them on the same night. Why as people and collectors can we not be GRATEFUL for that? Putting on an event of that magnitude is hard...very hard. I've done it several times and no matter how hard you plan in advance some things always go awry. Cut these people some slack, they try to outdo themselves each year and to my experience in the last 4 years they have!

     Now, let's just say the Convention Doll (whichever it was) is not your taste for sake of conversation. Have you ever tried to make 450 people (not to mention all the collectors at home) happy? IT'S IMPOSSIBLE. Some people like suits, some people like gowns. Other prefer vintage inspired. While another segment prefers avant guard cutting edge couture. The point is, if it is not your taste - SELL IT, GIVE IT AWAY OR CHANGE IT and get yourself what you want online from a previous convention or your "grail doll" that you've been saving up for.

     I for example, thought the Prada inspired resort wear was very cutting edge and the dolls themselves were AMAZING! But, since I went with my partner Peter I always get two of everything. This year I decided that I would do some "altering" to the gown for the NEW 3.0 Vanessa to wear. Like many starlets do for the red carpet, I altered the gown to be the silhouette that I LIKED. So, I took it in to my local dry-cleaner and asked them to hem the gown for me to cocktail length and added a crinoline. Viola....I LOVE IT! And I have nothing else like it in my collection. So, I'm keeping the altered one and giving my friend in South Florida (who could not afford to go to the convention) the other. Now, two people are happy and grateful. I also decided to redress my workshop Veronique because to me...her coloring worked better with the dress. Of course, that's only MY OPINION.....and just like another piece of the human anatomy....EVERYONE HAS ONE.  I've decided to dress my Vanessa in a gorgeous gown by Randal Craig instead....that I will share with you tomorrow (come back for it ;-).

     Think OUT OF THE BOX people!!! Stop complaining about's irritating and immature. It especially bothers me that the IT Team should for a minute think we are ungrateful for all the work that they do for us. They are so generous and agonize over every decision that is made to "wow" and impress us EVERY YEAR FOR 9 YEARS. Whether or not you agree...can we at least be grateful for the EFFORT? I don't think that is too much to ask.

     Thanks for hearing me out. Like Oprah says,"If you live in will have a blessed life." I prefer to live that officially, I want to say (once more) THANK YOU INTEGRITY TEAM for another job well done. I really enjoyed every second of it!
With sincerity,
p.s. Wait till you see what I did with Imogen too....You'll regret selling yours if you did...because she awesome!


  1. I so agree with you Frank! I have been to the last 8 of the conventions, missed the first one by a week. Anyway, they get better every year, and the team always puts heart and soul and blood, sweat, and tears into the event. What other doll event do you come away with so much amazing swag plus the feeling you were really welcome not as a collector but as part of the IT family. These are more family reunions with prizes for me these days!
    PS. Love the blog!
    hugs... Rob

  2. Rob I know that there are many of us the feel the same way. But for some reason, it just seems to those few individuals that are perpetually unhappy about EVERYTHING that seems to scream the loudest. That's why I feel that people like us must speak up and express our gratitude. I really appreciate the kind compliment...and especially getting to know you better at this convention! I'm already counting down the days till L.A.! xoxo, F