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The Amazing Designs of JOHN PAGOTO - John In Stitches!

John Pagoto Interview As Seen In What's Happening Magazine!

L.E. Lounging On The Lanai
Modeled By The Gorgeous
Victoire Roux by Integrity Toys.

I recently met the handsome John Pagoto at last year's Fashion Royalty Convention in L.A. He struck me as a very nice and approachable guy - the consummate host of his table of fellow collectors. At one of the conventions evening events his table gifts were so outstanding that I had to ask him who had produced them for him. He smiled and shyly responded,"I did." 
Wow! Not only is the man handsome, but he is also sweet and TALENTED! I asked him if he would mind answering a few questions for my collector's blog ( and publication What's Happening Magazine
He answer yes and even went one BETTER! He offered to design one of his deliciously retro inspired ensembles as a limited edition for the for the readers of both the blog and magazine. HOW AWESOME IS THAT! 
Below is his full interview and all the information that you will need to order your very own Limited Edition "Lounging On The Lanai" an exclusive for What's Happening Magazine and! How did you decide to start sewing couture for hi-end fashion dolls? 
John Pagoto: I decided after asking other designers to create many outfits for me, that I should to try to do it for myself.  I figured, buying a sewing machine would help me save some money and would also help keep my creative juices flowing.
Exclusive For  Do you have classical training in fashion design or are you self-taught?  
John Pagoto: I have no classical training in fashion design.  
The very talented Judy Frank paid it forward and graciously taught me.  About a year and a half ago, she invited me to her home one afternoon to show me how to use my machine and how to create a simple dress from start to finish.  She made it all so simple to understand.  I took everything I learned and I ran with it!  Your attention to detail is amazing. Do you normally design OOAKs or do you sometimes do limited editions?  
John Pagoto: Thank you so much.  I have donated OOAKs to the National Barbie Collectors Convention, but I mostly do small limited editions and some exclusives.  That way more collectors can enjoy the fashions.  Your designs are outstanding and seemed to be somewhat retro inspired. Where does inspiration for your designs come from?  
John Pagoto: Well, inspiration can come from anywhere or anything.  For example, when I was preparing to debut my premiere collection at the Barbie Convention in New Orleans last summer, I wanted to create something unique that would totally stand out.  Then I thought, how cool it would be to create a dress out of a OUIJA board.  So I created custom fabric to perfectly wrap the doll in the game board!
More John In Stitches Designs On Barbie.  Do you exclusive design for female dolls or do you also have any interest in designing for HOMME dolls?  
John Pagoto: As of right now I only design for female dolls since they make up the majority of my collection, but I’ll tell you, those HOMME dolls are amazing!  Who knows, maybe one day I’ll branch out?  Do you have a favorite MUSE doll at the moment?  
JP: That’s a tough one to narrow down.  I am equally drawn to Vicroire Roux and Poppy Parker for their amazing vintage style.  Between the two, their range of fashions from the 50’s and 60’s is so inspiring.  Are your ensembles able to be worn on dolls by different manufactures?  
John Pagoto: Absolutely!  I do my best to make my fashions versatile for a wide range of dolls from Fashion Royalty to Poppy to Barbie.  Tell us about the finer details that your couture ensembles have that mass manufactured doll clothing does not?   
Sheath Dresses With A Twist!
John Pagoto: Each piece is geared towards an audience who loves everything retro with hints of pop culture.  I keep my edition sizes very limited.  Usually 12 or less of each fashion are ever created.  I hand pick all of the trims and fabrics, or I create custom printed fabrics when I can’t find what I’m looking for to get that specific look.  I choose or create patterns to help keep with the retro the look that I want to achieve.  And lastly, I hand finish each piece with a little TLC.  Do you do commissions? If so, is it a collaborative effort or do you submit concepts to your patron?  
John Pagoto: Yes I do accept commission work.  It’s always collaborative.  We discuss what look and feel they may be looking for and come up with an idea that works best for their needs.  Tell us about the exclusive design that you have created for readers of WHM? What was your inspiration and how can people acquire one?                 
JP: I wanted to create a special outfit inspired by Florida.  After finding the perfect cotton fabric, I decided to create a brand new pattern.  The new silhouette is making its debut in this exclusive limited edition of 12 pieces for the readers of WHM.  Keeping with my esthetic, I combined classic style with a fun retro print to create ‘Lounging on the Lanai’. A fun vintage inspired sheath dress that is made to fit most 11 ½ “ dolls.  You can contact me at to order yours today.
Another Full View Of WHM & L.E. Exclusive: "Lounging On The Lanai"
By John Pagoto

Photos by Stacey Gordon

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