Wednesday, August 29, 2012


     One of the best things about collecting Fashion Dolls is being able to enjoy creativity in the process. Playing at being a "Fashion Stylist" by picking and pulling pieces and accessories that help you either put together your own unique look or mimic a look that you've seen in a fashion magazine. I must say that's the most fun for me. I rarely look at a doll that comes out, as a whole, unchangeable ensemble. In fact, one of my very good friends said that I look at every doll regardless of what she is wearing as a blank canvas. Integrity's Fashion Royalty line is one of the best to be able to mix and match with. Most of the time the pieces come as separates, they are classic and are all well made. It is easy to puzzle together a look based on the knowing what you have in your "doll's closet". I also enjoy dressing IT Dolls in the "Retro" clothing from other doll companies....somehow everything just LOOKS BETTER on an IT model! I don't know if is the pose ability or the attitude in the Wu-ified faces but somehow the IT model can breathe new life into the wardrobe of your other dolls.
     Take the girls in the picture above, I loved the new Club Exclusive "Dare" Natalia's dress, but in my opinion it just kinda went flat on the doll herself (which on it's own I still thought was gorgeous). Additionally, I also loved my Vanessa from the Mix-Match collection of 2011, but I was never really crazy about her blazer and city shorts. Vanessa looked very hi-glam to me and her outfit was just bringing her down....sooo VIOLA! The old-switcharoo! Now I LOVE THESE TWO DOLLS! I think there is a "right" outfit for each doll...and once I find that outfit and marry it to the right girl I rarely re-dress the model. I mean why mess with perfection....Of course, unless you find something that is even MORE perfect on her! ;-) Luckily, many dealers these days are catching on to this trend and allowing you to buy the doll separate from the outfit (well at least Marl let's me most of the time!) Ask your favorite dealer if it is possible and you'll be surprised how many of them would be happy to meet your request. After all, for every person that likes the doll only...there is someone who digs the outfit!
     So, try to look at the dolls that come out as individuals and their outfits as pieces to be moved around. You might surprise yourself at your ability to create your own OOAK doll that is PERFECT for YOU!

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