Monday, July 9, 2012

THEY ARE OUT! Monograms Finally Take Their Rightful Place! at first I did say to myself,"Thank God I'm not TOTALLY in love with Monograms....I just can't afford ANOTHER COLLECTION." Screw the money...I had NO MORE ROOM! So, I fought the temptation for a couple of years. I gave every excuse in the book. Among them was: "they look dead in the eyes. They don't have personalities like FR, Poppy or DGs". "I'm not crazy about their outfits. I feel like I have similar things in my collection."Blah, Blah, Blah!
Then at last years convention, found a dealer that was selling them at a very reasonable price and since I has already made the decision to get rid of my vintage Barbie collection (everything but my mod series and Francies), I found that my new Monograms really could work the hell out of vintage Barbie's wardrobe. Then the 2011 collection came out and I went down for the count. The suits, the hairstyles, the accessories....and a doll that was really reminiscent of "Fire and Ice" (an old Revlon Ad that I admired by artist Rene Gruau), I caved and ordered the whole set from my dealer of choice - Ms. Marly Marl (who by the way...if you don't know by now....I ADORE!).
I spent all of Saturday redressing my Monograms (slightly....because I always like to make things MY own...but these were so perfect there was not much to do) and I incorporated in my Victoire Collection! Thank God a new one is coming out...I thought I was going to have to wait to the next convention for another Victoire fixx) and viola - they needed their own shelf (with a little room for some more..hehehehehe).
Well, now I'm off to play with some Monster High Create a doll sets...I just got the new one with the witch girl and the boys! See Mattel....I haven't totally abandoned you ;-)

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  1. Marti Balloveras aka Ari KikiJuly 10, 2012 at 10:14 AM

    I've only caved for a few so far. I fell for Discreet last year, and felt i needed Disclosure afterwards, got her from Cleve and then ended up selling her cause there was something off about her face to me. I really really really wanted Allure this spring, she is drop dead stunning. BUTT... i had to pinch my dolly dollars for toyfair, and thankful that i did as i went bonkers and pre-ordered 7 dolls. SMDH that's the most i've ever pre-ordered to date. Lovely collection btw, loving Allure in that Barbie gown, just FLAWLESS