Tuesday, November 29, 2011

AGNES VON WEIS Custom Paperdoll Set! Hires for Download FREE!

Hello Friends!
This year as a special treat, I emailed all the people that came to the FR Seminar "Back To OUR Roots" Re-Rooting Class a copy of the step-by-step seminar and a set of OOAK Agnes Von Weis Paperdolls. Well, I'm making them available to everyone now for download Hires on my Flickr (look up Orlando Doll Dork). You will be able to download these paperdolls and send to your nearest Kinko's and have as many as you want printed up. Cut them out and play, give them to your friend and club mates....but if I see you sell them on eBay I will hunt you down! LOL! Enjoy and early Holiday Gift! More to come!
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